Trump Demands Loyalty? This Isn’t The Mar-A-Lago Maid Service Donald

By Jason Taylor

As a TV personality, Trump fired people within the safe confines of his little reality show. It was part of his act and the highpoint of each episode. “You’re fired”! People loved it; tuned in just to see him say it to a different victim in each episode. He could hire people he liked to work with on the show including his family; the staff was loyal because their jobs depended on him and all he had to do was deliver the famous “You’re fired” line. It got ratings for the show, promoted his brand and as the star of the show, he never had to answer to anybody.

None of this prepared Trump for having to answer for his actions in his new job on the biggest stage of all. He might say, “Nobody (whoever Nobody is) told me that this President business was going to be so complicated.” As for the rest of us who are forced to live with the consequences of his actions, the whole miserable mess is all too real. This incident of who said what over dinner does offer a clear warning to anybody who has the misfortune to get an invite for a private dinner with Trump. Don’t go, family business, the bone spur in your foot acting up, anything. Don’t do it, not even for a taste of that most magnificent chocolate cake you ever saw.

Our government only works if there are enough people who are capable of feeling shame at not doing their job in Congress. It looks like there are very few Republicans who feel enough shame to do their jobs anymore. Instead, they are turning our country into a banana republic where anyone in the majority party who commits wrongdoing can expect them to cover for him.

I realize that GOP officials up for reelection in 2018 have not yet bought into the fact that they could quickly become “rats running to a sinking ship.” With every Presidential tweet, however, many have already begun re-learning how to inflate inner tubes simply because they realize they’re getting too far away from a safe harbor and another year’s accumulation of credit toward a Congressional pension.

It’s time that Burr and Warner have Comey come to the Hill; testify in public; and the let former FBI chief, effectively, demonstrate that the President has been disingenuous in this whole “firing” matter to include that supposed candlelight dinner in January and what was said.

As we all know, the President will never be able to control himself following Comey’s testimony and we all see what happened this morning: another uncontrollable meltdown from the man “who would be king” from Manhattan.

I would think the photograph of Trump shaking hands and smiling with the Russian Ambassador who is at the center of this unfolding investigation and espionage against the United States electoral process should speak volumes as to the credibility of our so-called President. Even watching both Putin and the Foreign Minister laughing and joking about the firing of Mr. Comey after phone calls and meetings with Trump is all corroboration that Trump fired Mr. Comey, who by the way was an outstanding top of the line FBI Director, was solely because Trump is dumb enough to believe the move would shut down the investigation.


The only problem that we who love our country as citizens of the United States have is getting our elected Congressional Representatives, starting with Paul Ryan, to pull their heads out of the sand and realize the danger Trump poses to our country. If he lies about dinners and phone calls and uses his staff to perpetuate his lies, what happens if he tells us we need to go to war?? Impeachment is now or should be on the table for both Trump and Sessions and even the Vice-President if it’s proven they knew about the big lie they participated in to try to stop a potential criminal/counter-intelligence investigation.

The solicitation by Trump for a pledge of “loyalty” from Comey is, on its face, an impeachable offense, as it is tantamount to a bribe/extortion choice for continued employment to the FBI director in exchange for an off-the-record promise of personal fealty and favoritism. Comey refused, and he now finds himself unemployed. That portion of it could not possibly be any more open-and-shut.

Additional and highly compelling arguments can be made that Trump also perpetrated and/or attempted to perpetrate: abuse of presidential power; obstruction of justice; suborning the obstruction of justice; bribery of a federal official; and criminal conspiracy. We don’t need to wait to see how Russiagate shakes out. Trump has already served up a platter full of impeachable offenses by attempting to entice the FBI Director into deep-sixing the evidence. Any further foot-dragging by the Republican majority at this point is intentional aiding and abetting.

As much as I don’t like Mike Pence, who seems like he wants to impose his religious and moral views on the rest of us, Trump is a dangerous fool and should go. The Republicans in Congress and the entire GOP are going to be remembered as the sycophantic, cowardly enablers of this guy, or worse, remembered as sharing his ridiculous views.

This is not a frat house. It’s the White House. The FBI serves the country, not the president. It’s embarrassing that this has to be explained to Trump. He has no sense of history and apparently no sense of responsibility nor shame. This farce must end, and soon.

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