Republicans: Country Over Party, Now!

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump is on a mission. A mission to create an imperial presidency. Since the Democrats are powerless to stop him, it’s now up to the GOP to place principle over partisan politics and call out this man for what he is: a threat to our democratic system of government. The Republicans have to do more than passively express concern over Comey’s firing. They must, for the good of the nation, insist on turning this horror show over to an independent commission, one that cannot be terminated by Trump. Let’s not hold our collective breath.

The people in the US government who have chosen to work with the con man in chief brazenly solicit Russian propaganda statecraft to steal elections and democracy from free nations. Putin’s kleptocracy is the model for using an unchecked position of power to steal billions from the people and the nation’s treasury in self-serving policies. In just Trump’s first 100 days he literally advanced tax and regulatory positions that would personally save him and his family billions of dollars.

This is an historical test of the strength of our Founder’s checks and balances.

Nepotism, cronyism, corruption and treason swaddle the Trumps and their defenders. All defenders of American democracy must prosecute everyone complicit in this coup, enabled with the critical support of the Kremlin. Cyber crime and cyber hacking are internationally illegal and must carry devastating consequences until security is more advanced. When foreign adversaries attack candidates running for critical national office and install their stooges using disinformation and other tactics, it is an act of war and must be treated as such.

This is a defining moment: Either the Republican Party is going to commit itself to rule of law, or it isn’t. If these lawmakers are really going to defend the Constitution, they need to do it now and stop following the script that says do anything and everything possible to gain political advantage. No more spin, no more talking points, no more rationalizations and no more beating down whatever Democrats or other critics have to say, regardless of the merits. Stop acting on reflex, and start acting on honor.

What Trump and his associates are doing here stinks to high heaven. These are the actions of a radical, anti-democratic movement which is pushing our country into the kind of crude, corrupt, authoritarian control we see in countries such as Egypt, Turkey, and, yes, in Putin’s Russia.

Every Republican who has ever pledged allegiance to the flag of the United States of America now needs to stand up and be counted, and do what is right for the country we love. Do not support a dictatorship in our country: if you do, it will cease to be the land of the free, and certainly will no longer be the home of the brave.

I had a dream last night, that Trump, so convinced of his own and his associate’s innocence, publicly announces an independent investigation team, properly funded and empowered with unfettered access to get to the bottom of the question of Russian interference in the election and potential collusion by Trump’s campaign. He insists this should be done in order to clear his name and allow America the opportunity to get back to business. He justifies the effort and expense by admitting he spent at least as many American tax dollars playing golf at his private resort in Florida. When asked why he is doing this, he replies, “To make America great again!” And for once, he is correct.

If only my dream was truth and reality was the nightmare we would soon awake from.

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