Make No Mistake, Trump Knows He’s In Big Trouble

By Jason Taylor

The varied lies communicated by Trump and his surrogates contradict the obvious truth and each other. Did Trump really try to suggest that he fired Comey for being unfair to Secretary Clinton? Some have suggested that since he has surrounded himself with sycophants he has no one to tell him the truth. But it is more likely that he is just lost in his own solipsism, relying only on his lazy intellect, screaming at the television and chasing shadows.

The president is feeling the walls closing in on him, his family, his business dealings, his administration, his world. This is his Watergate, and for these United States of America, pray that our Congress and institutions find the courage to face down this man and those around him and to do the right thing.

Senator John McCain chose to run for the presidency with the words: “Country First.” It is now, yet again, time for the GOP to let the world know if they have chosen Party over Country. Senators can betray their oath of office, their oath as attorneys and constitutional officers, but history will record their cowardice and we will all reap the whirlwind of their betrayal.

An independent special prosecutor must be named without further delay. If the Republicans stand in the way, then they too must be held accountable. Those who oppose are traitors to our Constitution and our American democracy. There is no middle ground in treason. Trump and others in this administration think the American People are suckers. He stopped caring about Hillary’s emails on November 9th of the last year. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, folks. I haven’t seen this level of blatant corruption in my lifetime.

This episode smacks of an ultimately unbelievable gambit to get rid of a huge thorn in Trump’s side. The idea was to couch Comey’s sacking in the red herring of a new Justice Dept. official spending his first two weeks on the job writing up a memo savaging Comey for his handling of the Clinton emails.

The biggest tipoff that this was what happened: Trump’s letter in which he stated that Comey had personally told him he (Trump) was not subject to investigation over Russia. Why would any sane person throw that non-sequitur into a letter purportedly about the reasons behind the Comey firing? The only rational explanation was that Trump and his advisers (Bannon, Conway, Priebus and Pence) felt he needed to salt the water of public opinion in advance of the expected storm of criticism for the dismissal.

The best reason for his inexplicable and rushed firing is that Comey persisted in the Russia probe. The assistant AG relayed his request for more funds up the ladder, and that instilled fear and was the straw the broke the camel’s back. This emergency firing was rushed not taking even into account the tsunami of doubts that will certainly have followed. That shows how desperate this administration is becoming as the noose keeps tightening. You can run but can not hide forever.

It’s a clear example of the Trump team fashioning a smoke and mirrors strategy to get rid of Comey, but not being able to curb Trump’s well-known proclivity to do anything to protect his reputation. Sooner or later, hopefully, sooner, Trump’s lies and prevarications will catch up to him, leaving no wiggle room for anything other than resignation.

That Trump’s story has changed should surprise no one. From evidence so far Donald Trump has shown the world that he is an egotistical liar, scapegoat finder, poor administrator, does not work well with others, ill prepared, short attention span, braggart, misogynist, lewd, know-it-all, poor speller with inferior grammar, vengeful, slick, hypocritical, takes credit when not due, denies blame when things go wrong, explodes in temper tantrums, adulterer, feels entitled, vulgar, mean, blowhard, greedy, anti-empathetic, lecherous, draft dodger, con man… All that and much more with small hands to boot. Whatever could go wrong electing such a man as president? Adding ‘traitor’ to the list would not be any surprise. And when all is said and done, the word ‘coward’ may be applicable as it usually is for guys who lead with their mouths and run for cover when the action gets serious.

I cannot preface by saying I am sorry for what I have to suggest. I am sorry that we are driven to this point where this must be said. This injury, however self-inflicted, must be remedied. Name calling will not obviate the injury to the United States of America. A removal of this wholly accidental presidency will. The entire ticket was stained and must be cleansed using methods not required before.

This is not Nixon. We cannot depend on this administration following some auto-destruct mechanism. The checks and balances built into our very constitution have been undermined. Before the last vestige of fragile democracy is subsumed action must be taken. This is not a movie. Taking to the streets is not an option. Action must commence yesterday or we have no tomorrow.

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