The Comey Firing: Trump Exists In A World Without Ethics

By Jason Taylor

With the firing of Comey, Trump has proved once and for all that he is the lying, cheating, scallywag that he was on the campaign trail. His supporters say he is honest and tells it like it is. No, he only tells his supporters want they want to hear, lies and all. His lying is so constant and continuous that it has been normalized. The lies are taken as markers of his sincerity. OK, he is sincerely lying. That makes him a pathological liar. That’s better? That justifies it?

Trump exists in a world where winning is all that matters. A person like that cannot possibly defend the Constitution because the rule of law means nothing to him. Trump is only concerned with getting his way, winning. Laws, rules, and ethics only get in the way. So was it worth it Republicans? You sold out America for one Supreme Court judge. You traded Merrick Garland for a dictator. Was it worth it coal miners? You traded a few hundred coal jobs (if that many) for a corrupt demagogue.

Was it worth it small towners? You said Hillary was a liar because she didn’t fully disclose her email fiasco and swallowed everything Trump fed you instead. His promised jobs aren’t coming back. Instead, he sold out the nation to Russia. Was it worth it Wall Streeters? You wanted to make even more money and have even more power through deregulation. So you followed Trump into the abyss.

What’s America worth Trump supporters?

Trump’s firing of Comey is the smoking gun. The only reason he would remove Comey from the Russia investigation is because he knows the trail of his campaign’s collision will lead to him. Why else would he subject himself to the public outcry that is sure to follow his decision?

He will stop at nothing, break all conventions and stomp on the rule of law to stop this investigation. And sadly, Republicans will sit on their hands as they watch him destroy our democracy. Some will say they’re shocked, repelled or disturbed by his actions but they’ll never vote for a special prosecutor.

This firing is a test of our constitutional democracy and the willingness of political power brokers, and the people at large, to tolerate extreme actions, not just extreme words, from Trump. What happens in the next week or the next 30 days will tell him, and the rest of us, whether we can continue to believe in the rule of law and democracy. If no action is taken to counter what Trump has done, all bets are off.

The stated reason for firing Comey, his mishandling the Hillary emails matter, is a flopping joke, a big one. Speculation, and orderly, simple logic, tell us that Trump took this action because he believes the FBI was getting close or acting too aggressively for his tastes, in investigating the ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian efforts to disrupt and influence our election. What else could it be? No one but a nut case would casually set off the kind of firestorm that is sure to follow.

Trump is testing us, all of us. If he gets away with this, there will be other tests, perhaps more severe and of a deadly nature, like war or actions of war not yet contemplated.

What until now has been a bad situation just got much much worse. Means must be found for the public and those in positions of power to let Trump know that he has the presidency but, in the direction he is going, it could turn out to be an empty role stripped of influence and lacking in the ability to get anyone to follow him.

Trump is a serial prevaricator. When cornered, he blames it on President Obama, throwing out the obvious falsehood that Obama had Trump Tower ‘wiretapped’. Now the lie is that James Comey did a poor job with the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s emails, while initially, Don saluted Comey. He should salute James Comey, as without Comey’s lamentable casting doubt on Hillary in the last two weeks of the campaign, she almost certainly would have won the electoral college and the presidency.

Now when The Donald is queried about whether he stands by earlier claims that Barack Obama is a ‘bad’ man, Trump says ‘I stand by nothing’.

The better statement would be that he stands For nothing.

Whenever he feels threatened, he makes believe that someone else is suspect, it is all someone else’s fault when one of his half-baked ideas falls flat. And he takes responsibility for anything good which may have happened during his short reign, even all of those American jobs he claims to have saved, despite companies amending his claims to say that their plans were afoot before Trump entered the stage.

Like a bad actor, as a corrupt human being, I wish his karma would arrive sooner than later, and he would walk away from the White House for once and all. His leadership has already made our nation a laughing stock. Time for The Donald to go.

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