Comey-Gate Proves Republicans Are Hypocrites

By Bobby M.

Most in the GOP used to praise how James Comey handled things with the FBI…especially after his actions helped win their party the White House. And none of them did so more than Trump himself, who you can see used Comey to his full advantage in this video montage…

But just as things were really beginning to heat up in the investigation regarding the Trump campaign colluding with the Russian interference in our election, their note changed drastically. The funny part is the tone of how they fired James Comey, alluding to the reasoning for it being his handling of the Clinton email investigation. While it is true, the former FBI director did a horrible job with it, why were Trump and others praising (watch that video if you hadn’t already for proof) him for it before? Even going as far as to say this firing was considered since election day? All of the sycophants and Trump propaganda TV (aka Fox News) bought that load of crap hook, line and sinker.

The truth of the matter is that Comey was fired because things with the #TrumpRussia investigation were really starting to get going. Just last week, Comey was testifying before congress with hints of that probe. After his appearance, he went to Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein to ask for funding to that end. It cannot be a coincidence that the White House asked that same Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions himself last week to put together a report that could be used to fire Comey. By the way, wasn’t Sessions supposed to recuse himself from all things Russia related due to his lying during Senate confirmation hearings? That info there should be enough to scream cover-up, but there is more. On the day of his firing, subpoenas were handed out regarding the forthcoming Grand Jury indictments. This cannot be a coincidence either.  Not to mention, reports are now coming out that Trump got mad at Comey because he refused to give the White House administration a preview of his Senate testimony. Again, all three of those things cannot be coincidental and this whole affair proves just how two-faced Trump and his enablers can be.

The worst part is that many Trump supporters are calling those that do not like him hypocrites regarding Comey. Speaking as someone who hates Trump with a firey passion of one thousand suns, I never cared for Comey but thought the only silver lining of him still running the FBI was because of the agencies investigation into Trump’s Russian connections. Let us hope that whoever is left with the Bureau is able to stand up to the obvious pressure the GOP will use to try to cover up the truth.


  1. Oh boy, which of Dump’s golf buddies is he going to try and replace Comey with–that’s what I want to know…the funny thing is that Dump’s propaganda machine keeps saying he did this to help restore america’s trust in the FBI. Really? Other than political griping about e-mails and Russia (and his stance on both that each side can pull apart), I can’t think of anything offhand that I disliked…of course, what’s been forefront in the news for over a year, dang it?

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