Comey Fired: Another Bad Decision For Trump

By Andrew Witzel

This is familiar territory, we’ve all been here before less than 50 years ago. While the circumstances and job titles are different, the firing action by a president during active investigations is not. At this point it is difficult to see recent actions by President Trump as anything but blatant deflection and egregious use of presidential power. Yes, it is within the power of the president to fire and hire the FBI Director position, but the timing of Comey’s departure is highly suspect and has inevitably led to wild accusations as to the real motivations behind the actions. A plausible motivation as to the removal of Comey was announced but the public and more importantly, the press, are skeptical it’s the truth.

A short history lesson for those that aren’t aware of the ties back to Nixon being tossed around. Nixon, as a result of the special investigation into Watergate started feeling the pressure of them getting close to the real truth, ordered the AG to fire the special prosecutor, Archibald Cox. Both Attorney General Elliot Richardson and Deputy Attorney General William Ruckelshaus refused to carry out the order and instead resigned. Less than a year after this event, Nixon ended up resigning office rather than go through an impeachment trial. The comparison of Watergate to what is now being called Comeygate isn’t understanding the entire series of events. First, Archibald Cox was investigating Nixon directly at the time he was fired. Comey is investigating Russia and their involvement with the entire presidential election. Second, Trump is within his right as President to fire Comey with or without cause, Nixon had to go through the AG to get Cox fired. Third, Watergate involved only Americans where Comey and the FBI are investigating another sovereign nation’s influence into an American election.

Drawing a conclusion that Trump’s fate will mirror that of Nixon’s fate is premature and not based on any real facts known at this time. It’s clear that Trump has flipped his view of Comey from January to now; after all it’s been widely insinuated that his actions prior to the election in November allegedly helped Trump win. There really is no hard proof available though, only wild speculation or denial depending on which side is doing the jabbering. How quickly a few months and a couple of investigations can do to turn a once positive relationship into a career ending ball of flames. It’s unclear how Comey will recover from this and if his replacement will pick up where he left off in regards to the active investigations taking place. We’re at serious risk of never knowing the truth (for what it’s worth) into whether Russia actually did influence the elections or if their connections are circumstantial and coincidental.

One this is clear after last night’s news cycle: the country is floundering with Trump at the helm. It’s been one bad decision after another, usually at the detriment to the common American.  We are a punch line to a global joke that starts like “A billionaire, a reality TV star, and an online publisher walk into a bar….”. Firing the FBI Director while in the middle of multiple investigations into Russian involvement with our government elections is absolutely bat crazy. Anyone with a semi-intelligent brain can easily connect the dots on this one and draw conclusions that most likely indicate that Comey got fired because he and the FBI were getting close to the truth that up until now, has been black box guarded by those involved. The American public is hip to Trump’s game now and anyone still supporting him and NOT demanding the truth, well, probably should start reflecting hard as to where their loyalties should be.

This is not over, far from it, the truth will come out.


  1. “but the timing” – what is wrong with the timing? – he gave his attorney general and the deputy time to review the situation and they made their recommendations – he agreed and fired comey

    1. The timing in that multiple investigations were taking place involving collusion between Russia, Trump and the WH among others. It’s more than just a passing coincidence in my opinion Comey was pushed out; has a suspicious feel that something still hidden was close to being discovered.

      1. if there is something there, it will be discovered
        just for grins, what do you think is there? – he may have investments in russia – how bad is that?

      2. In all honesty, at this point I really have no idea what could potentially be discovered. If it turns out to be some shady money movement, that’s one thing. The idea that there could have been manipulation with the 2016 election from another sovereign nation is, in my experience, unprecendented in the U.S.. Enough evidence has surfaced that showed people lied only later to be called out. It’s anyone’s guess how bad it will get before the investigation is over.

      3. what is likely? – an investment to protect – how bad is that?
        what would really be bad?
        how likely would it be?
        I don’t see anything there

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