10…9…8…7…Tyrant In Charge

By: Randy Deabay

Never in American history has there been such a huge amount of poor decisions, blatant arrogance, bigotry and racism as what this current President has displayed. Donald Trump started prior to his election with giving clues to his complete control by the Russian government to May 9th, his blatant termination of the one person who was getting very close to the finalization of the investigation of said agreement.

Americans should just step back from their everyday lives and look at the total breakdown of the Constitution, honesty, and integrity, not only by the President, but also the House of Representatives, the Senate and several pundits, whether it is Fox News or ex-politicians like Newt Gingrich. Each has their very obvious skeletons in the closet, but all have one of two things in common with Donald. Either the pundits, and politicians, including cabinet members have been outed for agreements and secretive associations with the country of Russia, or they are misogynistic and enjoy cheating on, if not physically assaulting women.

We see a majority of the current President’s supporters naive to politics, self-centered, and usually bigoted and racist in their everyday lives. The Americans that do support Donald usually are a white supremacist who is against Catholics, Jews, immigrants, and minority groups. This all leads one to the picture of Donald during the primaries with his and the follower’s right hands raised in a way reminiscent of Adolf Hitler days. America is being blind, hopeful, or just naïve enough to believe that at some point this man will change, as every day he continues to prove by actions and “tweets” that this man is not sufficiently stable enough to lead America, the World’s most prosperous, most giving, and leading country.

10. Donald and the House have both started the journey into dismantling Obamacare, and offering, if nothing more than a financial beginning to the death squads controlled by the financial position of the patient. This new healthcare plan divides Americans by age, gender, financial hardship and those that are healthy from those with pre-existing conditions.

9. Due to Donald’s inability to differentiate between personal gain and the best for America, he has forced constitutional scholars and legal experts, that are filing a lawsuit accusing Mr. Trump of violating the US Constitution when he continues to have his hotels and other business accepting payments from foreign governments, and dignitaries. This leaves all Americans the wrong vision of what America is, stands for, and is about.

8. Donald Trump has threatened and demanded that his legal team goes about dismantling the 1st amendment so that it is much harder for the media to report on him, and his illegal and questionable actions. He is trying to silence the media, a specific action perpetrated by all tyrants. American’s should be completely up in “arms” metaphorically concerning this. No President has ever spent so much time spreading lies using social media and spending so much time calling the media as liars when they are reporting the truth. Donald wants only media like Fox News that portrays a propagandist network sanctioned by the government.

7. Donald has attacked Syria without cause. America has lived by centuries concerning the outright demonstration of war that is not an unquestioned attack on the U.S. without the approval of Congress along with the probable actions of the other country causing potential or intended harm to America or her citizens. This attack has put Russia and Iran on alert and brought Russian nuclear submarines within the American coastlines on both the Alaskan seaboard and Eastern seaboard.

6. Donald Trump has escalated tensions between North Korea and the United states. The Korean Conflict was originally protested against for good cause, and this escalation should have seen the same actions. To escalate tensions is to ask for the beginnings of a WWIII action that will destroy not only North Korea, but the United States, and most of the civilized world. What is the reason for this?

5. Donald trump has attempted two times, not just one time in a short 100 days to stop all immigration to America. Did Donald forget that the only true Native Americans are those that America abused, killed, and destroyed their homes, and are the true Native Americans? Every other person within the borders of the United States is an immigrant or has an ancestor that immigrated to America. If the Native Americans would have stood guard and murdered every pilgrim, every escaped citizen from the evil King of Britain, there would be no America as it is today.

4. Donald Trump threatened several manufacturers of absorbent taxes if they did not stop their plans to relocate to another country. Does this President know that not one of his threats were taken serious, and it actually did nothing to stop the loss of jobs? To be a President of the American citizens, Donald needs to create an atmosphere that fosters investment and job development, higher pay, better training for more technology careers, and not by being a bully, and arrogant loud mouth!

3. Donald Trump hired Mike Flynn as the first national security advisor appointed, and then Flynn had to resign due to his ties with Russia. Donald Trump has hired most of his Cabinet leads that all have ties to Russia. Why would one President who has questions about his own entanglement during the elections with Russia hire so many Russian entangled members to his Cabinet? America needs to question this. If a trail leads you to a swamp, then that trail is the swamp trail, and Donald Trump has not one time lowered the number of swamp gators but has increased it at every opportunity he could find.

2. After years of tweeting and complaining about the previous President’s golfing, Donald has spent every weekend at one of his gold courses, having the secret service pay his hotels for his stay, while his wife and son are staying in the lap of luxury in Donald’s Trump Tower of gold. Why would any wife whose husband is President not be at the white house? Why is America paying more in three months for security than what America paid for eight years under President Obama for security? Why are the same people who publicly disgraced President Obama now accepting without a whimper and actually defending Donald’s waste of American tax payer money? To replace his wife in the White House, Donald has brought his daughter Ivanka in, whom he has stated on several occasions that he would date, and given her an office and staff while also bringing her husband in, who coincidently has had several dealings with the Russians, as a huge part of Donald’s team?




1.On May 9th the final straw for patriotic Americans should have occurred when Donald, without good cause fired James Comey, FBI director, who worked for George Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., and Barack Obama. A man who had respect from both sides of the political aisle in Washington, because he was starting to get too close to the actual Russian entanglement.

TYRANT. Donald sounds like, acts like, and portrays the evilest of historical tyrants from Mussolini, to Hitler, to Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin and much more. This President is building a network of nationalist to take control of America in a communist style tyrannical nationalist government. America is on the cusp of losing its autonomy and history to the worst of the worst, a fast-talking, lying, hate mongering, dividing tyrant that has America divided unlike ever before.

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