Will Comeygate Finally Be Trump’s Undoing?

By Jason Taylor

While there’s no love lost between me and James Comey if Trump had any hope of convincing us that there’s no meat to the F.B.I. Russian investigation, he tossed it overboard in firing Comey now. And if the F.B.I. Director he appoints goes after Hilary Clinton or Obama or sweeps investigations into Trump under the rug, the message will be chillingly clear — democracy no longer applies.

Conservatives have been conducting a slow motion “coup d’etat” over the past 30 years. Gerrymandering. Voter suppression. Judicial manipulation. Propaganda programs to misinform and confuse large swaths of the voting public. The removal of Comey in the midst of a crucial investigation of the President and his enablers is one more step towards the inevitable: the perversion and ultimate destruction of democracy in the US leading to permanent conservative control of the country. This will not end well.

Imagine if Hillary would have fired the FBI Director while under investigation.

It wasn’t hard to see this coming; the investigation into possible Trump campaign dealings with Russia’s intelligence network has been a sharp sword hanging over the President’s head. It looks like he’s using Comey’s blunder in testifying that Huma Abedin forwarded “hundreds and thousands” of classified emails to her husband’s computer as cover for his move — I doubt Trump has much sympathy for Abedin.

Being an opportunist he just saw an opportunity to replace Comey with a more compliant FBI director who will make the investigation go away. The biggest question now it whether Trump’s move will generate the same heat on the President as Nixon’s firing of Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox.

This is equivalent to the Saturday Night Massacre that Nixon conducted in the Department of Justice. It is the kind of action that could bring on a Constitutional crisis.

The firing of Comey is another obvious step by Trump and his enablers to attempt to cover up the truth. If it really is the case, as Trump claims, that suggestions that he and his campaign colluded with Putin to influence the election, then he should have nothing to hide, and should not fear complete transparency and disclosure on the issue, including immediate release of his tax returns so it can be determined whether he is financially beholden to Putin, the Russian oligarchs, and the Russian intelligence agencies.

Nor should he fear comprehensive, bi-partisan and thorough investigations by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees, or appointment of a Special Prosecutor. Anyone who truly cares about the future of American Democracy or the integrity of his presidency would want these matters investigated.

The fact that Trump and his minions continue to lie, dissemble and cover up suggest that the worst suspicions of misconduct are likely true, that there was, in fact, extensive collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. This amounts to a high crime and misdemeanor which justifies Trump’s impeachment. The silence and cooperation of the Republican party reeks to high heaven — they want to preserve the presidency of a treasonous clown of a con-man for the sake of stripping health care from the poor and needy, appointing more reactionaries to the Supreme Court, and cutting taxes for the wealthy. This man will be forced from office in disgrace and remembered as a traitor.

I have a picture in my head of Trump, the family, Sean Spicer, and Jeff Sessions, all huddled in the northeast corner of the White House Bunker, with the FBI knocking on the door of the White House.

President Nixon taught America no party is above the law. No man. We must have the Senate appoint a Special Prosecutor now, or we have no democracy. Once faith in the rule of law is lost, the country is lost. Democracy is far more fragile than we can know. Republicans: you MUST put country over party, or be doomed in history as the entity that destroyed the greatest experiment of the Enlightenment: US democracy.

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