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Trump’s Lack Of Judgement Becomes Clearer Everyday

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump and the White House are not only throwing Flynn under the bus as their sacrificial lamb, they are driving over him repeatedly. Trump and Flynn were best buddies for months during the campaign and afterward.

Trump trying to blame Obama is feeble and should not ‘work’ as a viable reason but given the lackluster coverage of the whole Russia fiasco who knows. The Trump administration has made it clear that Flynn will be the one to go down. Hoping that no one will look any further, Trump is doubling down on his strategy and blaming Obama for the fault of Flynn. Unless people start to ask what did Trump know and when did he know it, Trump will most likely get away with his defensive plan. The GOP is going along full time. Talk about a tainted investigation. Unless someone somewhere grows a spine Trump’s play of offense will become the accepted fake truth.

An outgoing President warns an incoming President against hiring someone whom the outgoing President has information has been compromised by a foreign government and the incoming President not only hires this person as his National Security Advisor but repeatedly defends him and then, when it begins to blow up in his face, accuses the former President of a crime.

The fact that President Obama fired Flynn should tell you all you need to know about what the Obama administration thought of him. Warning or no warning Trump hired a National Security Advisor who had known issues and allowed him to take part in classified briefings as part of his role.

President Trump knew Michael Flynn had lied to Mike Pence weeks before it became public but kept that from Pence until the Washington Post was about to publish the story, essentially abetting Flynn’s lie. The White House has never adequately explained this.

Additionally, Flynn himself was spreading the rumor that Hillary Clinton was involved in a pizza parlor child sex ring and Trump still appointed him.

Trump and his team have bypassed spin and gone straight to outright lies on everything from the most trivial to the most consequential. And for all their practice, they are amazingly inept at telling lies. They tell lies that only the incurious and gullible would believe. They must have counted on the news media to let the lies pass, either out of politeness or in an attempt to pretend this is normal.

That’s the trouble with people who have a sketchy relationship with truth like this current administration. When they are confronted with small, but significant, truths, like the fact that the former president warned the current one about Flynn, they try to dodge, which focuses the scrutiny on them even tighter. There isn’t a move slippery enough for them to escape the truth about Russia. They should just own up and face the consequences.

The inability of Trump and the larger GOP as a whole to understand the difference between vetting for a security clearance, which is given out to tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, and vetting for a major national security job is significant.  Knowing that multiple Obama administration officials warned Trump, and they ignored it is no surprise, sadly neither are their attempts to shift blame from themselves like Trump does with every single issue. This is really quite terrifying, it’s like we are all watching a bunch of 5-year-olds trying to play “government.”

The mind boggles, but I happily anticipate former President Obama’s testimony at the increasingly inevitable impeachment trial.

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