America Deserves A Healthcare Plan

By: Randy Deabay

Americans get swamped by politicians and pundits when it comes to what conservatism truly is. Many Americans have been taught that conservatism is to do anything well, but with the least amount of cost and difficulty, and to hold dearly to that principle once in place. Conservatism is the holding of political views that favor free enterprise, private ownership, and socially conservative ideas while holding to a commitment to traditional values and ideas. Is not it the American way to help your neighbor, provide for your loved ones, and to pursue happiness?

Which is more conservative, having a group of overpaid CEOs of Insurance companies making millions, while stockholders gain as much from an American buying a product in hopes that it is never needed. When this service is needed, one must spend hours, if not days trying to meet the requirements, and even at hospitals, the average citizen spends up to an hour answering questions on how they will pay. Or is the choice, where there is a single payer that collects fees from all people in a concise, fair method and disperses it properly without prejudice or demands not only on the patient but also on the hospital. The American conservative wants government out of the way, and with both Barack Obama’s and now President Donald Trump’s health care plans, there is too much intrusion and not enough doctor and patient control.

There needs to be an overhaul of the insurance program in America to mirror the greatness of the Washington D.C. political spectrum and to spread it to all citizens, whether political, public sector, or military and Vets, it needs to be the same. Healthcare is not something that should be an exercise in profit gouging, but one in preserving life in the most compassionate, loving American way. There is no Democratic answer, no Republican answer, but an American answer built on a conservative costing, and a Constitutional reliance. America can do this, but it takes more than millionaires and billionaires to reach this peak. There needs to be the poverty stricken, the middle income, politicians, and doctors all getting together to determine a plan that makes it easy for all groups to live without paperwork beyond control, regulations unfathomable, and pay that takes months if not years to receive.

Healthcare is much more than Pregnancy, or a pre-existing condition. Americans do not all go to the gym weekly, or eat properly. These are realities that will exist through all mankind in all ages. America must acknowledge this, and to stop trying to blame a smoker, a McDonald’s connoisseur, or the vegan for a bad health condition. America is in this together and must make the choice to bring a realistic answer that all can accept.

This past week, America saw a magic show of the rabbit and the hat show. First, we will allow the purchase of insurance from one state to another. There will be block grants allotted, Washington somehow will loosen the stranglehold on Medicare and give it to the states, while fighting medical malpractice for those cases where sponges or other operation instruments are left inside a person’s body. For the final performance an expansion of the health savings plan, where if by choice or not, you lose any money in that once you leave the company you are with as you paid in on it. Which of these grand atrocities were actually included? Where was the discussion about the Vets of the military, and the millions of Americans who have pre-existing conditions? That seemed to be lost or subtracted from the plan. This folly of a healthcare proposal lacks common sense, decency, or the love of mankind that America has always been in the forefront of.

How does a 25-year-old who is making $12 per hour ever supposed to afford this fiasco, pay rent, eat, and survive? Where does one take from to afford to pay for this dismal bill? America will still pay either in hospice care for those who could not afford health insurance, pay for non-paid medical expenses at hospitals, or lose the neighborhood hospital and have to travel so far that during a heart attack or stroke the chance of survival is close to zero. Let us go a step further, if one can barely pay for the health insurance, and needs to go to the hospital they may be levied with deductibles equal to $500 or $1000. This is an outrage, and the end result is the loss of a good credit rating, the inability or refusal to go to get needed medical care, or the death needlessly because of red tape, costs, and ignorance on the part of the American Washington DC politician!!!

There is a concept, an answer if you will it is quite obvious. America needs to go to a single payer system which is the only conservative way forward. The U.S. government should provide health insurance for every one of its citizens, whether they are waiting to breathe their first worldly breath, or they are holding a hand as they slowly slip into God’s hands, America must defend the health care for all Americans. Americans must fulfill the wishes of the founding fathers, and hold true to protecting the future generations, and this must include their health and well-being. Let America never forget those that cannot protect themselves, and have no voice.


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