Trump Related Skits Recap On SNL From May 6th Weekend

We all know that Saturday Night Live is best known for it’s political satire. We also know that the moment Donald Trump became a politician, SNL took this skill to an all-new level…especially when you consider they will try and force some accountability when our mainstream media will not. In case you missed any of their sketches this past weekend, here is a recap of the ones involving the Trump administration.

The cold open for the May 6th show is destined to go down in history like Melissa McCarthy’s (who incidentally will be the host for the next episode) portrayal of Sean Spicer. SNL made fun of not only Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough from the MSNBC early morning news show ‘Morning Joe’, but also that horrible healthcare bill and anything else Trump related in the news currently. The cast gave extra special focus on the pair’s relationship given that they recently announced their engagement. They also satirized how in the past, Trump used to call into various platforms under a different name in hopes of publicity. Also, pay close attention to the call in voice, that was Alec Baldwin.

Ever since voicing the term ‘alternative facts’ and using a White House job to promote Ivanka Trump’s business, Kellyanne Conway has been kind of quiet. This SNL skit poked fun at her absence.

We all know the state of the world today given Trump’s position in the White House. This skit was a shot at that in the form of a faux music video.

Colin Jost and Michael Che from SNL’s Weekend Update crew continue the tradition of satirizing the latest political news involving Trump and politics in general in this video.

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