GOP Viewpoint: Tax Breaks For Millionaires > American Lives

By Bobby M.

Almost 1 billion dollars will be provided in tax breaks to the super rich due to the fall of the Affordable Care Act. Leading with that statement because it is a premise that gets lost in the shuffle to some degree during this whole repeal and replace mess. Republicans will try and tell you that the healthcare debate is all a matter of different ideologies in how they want a free market system and that democrats want to just spend money for the sake of spending money. GOP officials will focus on that difference because they are trying to provide cover for what they really want, tax breaks for millionaires.

This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Ever since the invention of ‘trickle down economics’, that has been a focus of republicans. In it’s inception, the idea of investing in various ways in the American economy was a good plan because it provided opportunities for the middle and lower classes. But that ideal has been perverted over time by people like the Koch brothers. What used to help the working class is now all about funneling as much money to super rich as possible. And now with a kleptocracy installed into the White House, look for things to get even worse.

Many GOP lawmakers admitted that they did not even read the new AHCA bill. Is that not proof there that they do not care about their constituents? Here I thought that was why congressmen were in Washington; to do what is best for their people. The group also did not wait for a score from the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office. Neither of those things happened because the real focus was eliminating the tax placed on millionaires and billionaires that helped make ACA viable.

Hopefully every day Americans will learn from the latest healthcare debate what the republican party is now all about. They place the wants and needs of their rich donors ahead of the well-being of the people of this country. It has to make one think that some of their tenants like gun rights and anti-abortion are more about tricking voters into going along with that concept. After all, the millionaire and billionaire class in this country is a small minority compared to the rest of the population, so the GOP needed something to happen to get the working class to go along with getting them into office…and they do not care if it costs American lives to do it.


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  1. Rich people are different, as Hemingway once noted. Howard Hughes used to pay 100,000 dollars in legal fees to avoid 50,000 dollars in taxes. Or something like that. In a society that promises “to each according to his needs,” rich men (and rich women) need to feed their greed. So, how about a little charity toward the obscenely rich?

    And health, who needs it?

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