Trumpcare: Born To Die

By Jason Taylor

Our vaunted Constitution seems helpless and unable to provide a remedy when our elected politicians promise one thing and deliver another … because they have the votes to renege.

Trump promised to replace Obamacare with a cheaper and better health insurance plan. He is plainly trying to provide something that will cost the consumer more, offer fewer benefits, and leave millions of people unable to afford it. What kind of a democracy are we living in? What remedy do we have to prevent Congress and the President from conspiring to pass fraudulent laws because they have a majority?

Squeezing out 800 billion dollars from health care to give tax cuts to those who definitely do not need them is immoral, unethical, undemocratic, unneeded, and fraudulent. Yes, fraudulent. The oldest and greatest democracy willfully cheating its own citizens, 300 million of them.

There was a headline in Politico today about Congressmen who could lose their seats because of their “health” AKA “death” care vote. I couldn’t actually bear to read the article. Why? It should be clear who in most cases their benefactors are and what their payback will be AFTER they are thrown out of office. Money.

As for their leader, it should also be clear that the only way to get at him short of impeachment, removal by a constitutional convention, removal by the 25th Amendment, etc… is to prevent him and his family from using and abusing their wealth. To force them to be public SERVANTS and not oligarchs. Since their clear intention is to as abuse their influence- thwarting this will radically change the cost/benefit equation for them.

It is important to continue to apply pressure even to so-called Progressives in Congress. Again the reason should be obvious- there is a concerted attempt now to normalize Trump and his cronies. As Trump consolidates power he will be more cunning and will be more careful in creating controversy. This will make him more, not less dangerous.

The Republicans want to make it possible for the mentally ill to easily access guns, but not mental health care. Is this what you wanted America?

Nobody wants to be sick. But when a person is sick, the last thing he/she needs to have to worry about is being able to afford to visit a doctor, and get sensible and needed medical attention.

To me, in this day and age, it is totally unacceptable that the rich can deny this treatment to millions of American citizens. Being able to visit a doctor is like being able to drink water, or breath fresh air. We all need healthcare as we need oxygen.

I have spent lots of time listening. The arguments I have heard not to provide reasonable healthcare to all has always sickened me. Name me one first world country that does this, except America? The UK doesn’t do it. Nor Germany. Nor France. Nor Israel. Nor Spain. Nor Canada or Italy. So what makes us Americans so special in being able to deny this to our poorer citizens? In a few words: it is shameful. And to the rest of the civilized world, it is incomprehensible.

Everybody else loses, particularly the sick, the poor, and older Americans.

Should this pass the Senate, which it likely won’t, Donald Trump will prove to be the world’s biggest liar (not that he isn’t already). He promised his supporters, the same ones who stand to lose the most from this really atrocious bill, that they would have better health coverage for lower cost.

That is such an obvious falsehood that even a five-year-old could grasp it. And yet the same people who never met a tax break or a tax cut for the rich they didn’t like, had the nerve to stand there grinning and clapping a feckless president for just denying healthcare to more than 24 million people.

I hope the Republicans who return to the districts have strong ears because they are going to face an awful lot of protesters this recess.

And I hope they ask a lot of questions because the Republicans?—?who largely have not read the bill?—?will simply have no answers.

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