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GOP AHCA 2017: “Drop Dead America, I Got Mine”

By Jason Taylor

If there ever were an example of a Pyrrhic victory this is the one. You win the battle but lose the war. Republicans desperate for what they call a victory have fashioned a bill which punishes the have-nots, the poor, the gravely ill. And what is new about this “victory” since this is the 61st time they have passed an anti-Obamacare bill? Media should stop calling this a victory for Trump or Ryan. They had the votes and they barely put it over. This is a sandlot win, let’s see what they do when they play in the big stadium.

This is the most unconscionable bill ever passed in the House. I hope the Senate will show true leadership and compassion in the coming revisions. I simply can not understand and maybe never will, how these House members can call themselves Pro-life, go to Church on Sunday, speak of brotherly love and compassion for those not as fortunate, and on Monday put millions of human lives in front of a death squad.

This is all about destroying any remaining residue of Obama’s stay in the White House and has nothing to do with actually serving the people well. It could have been so different. Trump could have congratulated Obama for putting a health care system together during his tenure, a real achievement, and vow to improve on it and make it work even better for all Americans. Alas, the pettiness and small-minded politics of pretending to be for the people and then making policies that stab them in the back is the order of the day. I hope every Republican who voted for this pays heavily during the mid-term elections.

The Republicans are doing what they always do: cutting benefits for the indigent and middle class in order to give the top one percent a tax break. This is a tax cut, masquerading as an effort to “get government out of healthcare.”

The Republican idea is to put all the people with pre-existing conditions into a high-risk pool. This ostensibly lowers the premiums for healthy people. Haha, I’ll believe that when I see it. Then they supposedly offset the high-risk pool with a Fed contribution of $8 billion. Can you see where that’s going? Once the repeal is passed, they then de-fund the high-risk pool, because the deficit is getting too big, and they have to “cut government spending.” And, how else are they going to pay for all the other tax cuts they want. Here’s the problem, even if you are one of the healthy people who gets the benefit of the cheaper premiums because you are out of the high-risk pool, someday you or a family member is going to get sick. Everyone gets sick. If you are unlucky and end up with a serious illness, when the term of your health insurance expires, you are now in the defunded high-risk pool. Good luck to you.

Does the GOP even care about fiscal and moral responsibility anymore? It’s amazing to watch them slowly abandon their values in defense of a president who lacks basic understanding of how to construct a sentence, let alone run the greatest country on earth.

Obamacare took 15 months to craft, along with all the changes made to it. It is far from perfect but it did far more good than bad. The GOP repealing it and replacing it with the AHCA, especially considering how it was pushed through with no analysis, shows how this is just their pathological hatred of anything Obama. This bill isn’t about healthcare, it’s about partisanship.

Having followed this closely, I can only say the only victory is for insurance companies and corporations that will no longer be taxed for the ACA subsidies. Once people get an inkling of what this bill entails they will be aghast at how far short it falls from the “More coverage at lower cost” promises of the Charlatan in Chief who doesn’t even know the details in this bill. Watching Billy Upton last night get so excited about an 8 billion dollars extra for pre-existing conditions that some experts said translates into $1–2 per person with such conditions, makes me wonder what these guys are smoking.

And of course, Congress voted to exempt themselves from the law’s provisions so they can return to their cosy, Cadillac care.

The national Republican Party truly is a blight on our country. Its only reason for existence is to cater to the rich. Its slogan should be that it is there to comfort the comfortable and afflict the afflicted. If the Senate somehow passes this monstrosity, the Republicans will be directly responsible for the loss of health insurance by many millions of their fellow Americans and the deaths which will result.

I have never felt so much antipathy and disgust for those who have been elected to represent the well-being of American citizens. I don’t know how these deplorable creatures will be able to go to bed and sleep, knowing what they have done. Every family that loses insurance, loses treatment, loses a family member will remember the congressmen who sold their souls to the devil. I only hope that this act of cruelty will come back to haunt them for the rest of their pitiful lives.

Congress knows that there are about 100 million Americans with pre-existing conditions and that the $8 billion Upton amendment allocates to help this group is a very small drop in a very large bucket — which will do almost nothing. And Republicans in the house just declared loud and clear: They Don’t Care.

This is not responsible government, this is Republican legislative assault and robbery. And it is utterly immoral.

All of this underscores why this country needs to have a serious discussion about single payer healthcare. We will all someday get sick. We will all need healthcare someday. Why don’t we just all pay for it and cut out the damn insurance companies once and for all.

Trump remarked Thursday that Australia has a better healthcare system than the U.S. Indeed they do Donald, they have universal (single-payer) healthcare.

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1 Comment on GOP AHCA 2017: “Drop Dead America, I Got Mine”

  1. You got it exactly right. I’ve emailed my Congressman, who gets campaign money from insurance interests, that he doesn’t work for the the insurance companies, he works for people like me, his constituents, many of whom, like me, have major pre-existing medical issues and will never forgive or forget him for voting for the joke Republican health insurance bill (so-called). I let him know that I will do everything I can to help him return to Nebraska permanently. Of course, he’s more likely to become a lobbyist since he has the moral integrity of dog dirt. Nebraska will be better off not to have him back here, but he’s already demonstrated he will sell his soul for a paltry $15,000 or so donation.

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