Trump: “Our Country Needs a Good Shutdown”

By Jason Taylor

Apparently, when Donald Trump does not get his required “fix” of breathless attention from the “crooked” media, he will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to draw the required attention to himself.

“The reason for the plan negotiated between the Republicans and Democrats is that we need 60 votes in the Senate which are not there!” Trump said in one tweet, an apparent reference to the spending package.

The Senate was designed to protect the rights of the minority against tyranny by the inflamed passions of the majority. This was accomplished by staggering the election cycles of the Senate so that no more than 1/3 would stand for re-election at any one time. They also made the length of a Senator’s term 6 years. This would allow for cooler heads to slow the momentum for change as represented by the House. It would allow more time for deliberations before drastic changes were made to policy.

It’s bad enough that Congress has failed in its duty to act as a strong check against overreach by the Executive branch. To both houses of Congress to pass legislation by a simple majority adds to the momentum of our democracy embracing fascism.

Is Trump unhappy with the fact that Congress accomplished something using a tool called negotiation? Does he even know how many people are hurt when the government is shut down due to a lack of money? It’s beginning to appear as if Trump is not representing anyone’s interests but his own since it’s definitely not in the best interests of his supporters, the GOP, or most Americans to have the government shut down. Trump may be president of the United States but he’s not the only person whose needs and wants should be taken into account here. The American people need to be able to count on a functioning government.

Perhaps the real questions here are who does Trump think he is? Who does he think he’s serving? What’s ethically wrong with the GOP who refused to listen to Obama and sabotaged him at every turn while now they bow even to the most corrupt of Trump’s suggestions? Is the United States still a republic or is it a swamp composed of charlatans, small minded despots, and idiots incapable of looking past enriching their own coffers at our expense? Sadly the answer to the last question appears to be yes.

Every day in one way or another, Trump manages to show his ignorance of, or, his contempt for, our Constitutional system of checks and balances. One must wonder if he actually thought that his business practices of Bully, Bluster, and Bull (not the BBB – Better Business Bureau) would translate to the Government where others are co-equal without fear.

Well, surprise Donald! Governing takes skill, leadership, compromise, and most of all, an actual ideology – qualities you ain’t got. Who knew it would be hard? Almost everyone. You’re finding out that ‘only I can fix it’ doesn’t work here. Thank God that our framers anticipated a ‘Trump’ and built in safeguards against an unchecked chief executive. The Legislative and Judicial branches are all that are there to save us until we can replace him.

This is what tyrants do, change the rules to get their way. See Turkey.

Like most bullies, Trump is actually incapable of negotiation. They push the other kids around until someone pushes back, then go running to the teacher, lying about what happened, to try to get the rules applied in their favor and some protection. Sad.

But, just like in the schoolyard, I think his “supporters” are catching on, that this guy is a fake. Increasingly he’s just going to be ignored, as he was this time. Congress told him to butt out and he backed down and will sign the interim spending bill Congress negotiated and put on his desk.

And he’s not going to get a repeal of the ACA or his wall or much else. He’ll continue to mess around with executive orders, most of which will come to naught, tied up in the bureaucracy and the courts, but no legislation. The more experienced politicians and government professionals are slowly figuring out how to manipulate him. “You’re the best President ever, now sign this bill that the rest of us worked out behind your back and that is too complex for you to comprehend anyway.”

Our democracy is proving more resilient than we feared and that Trump hoped. If we all start treating him as irrelevant so will the press and he’ll be in a downward irrelevancy spiral.

For the President of the United States to say that that we need a government shutdown because he’s not getting what he wants is mind-boggling. We thought we elected a President. What we really elected is a dictator in the making.

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