Hillary, Please Go Back Into The Shadows*

By Bobby M.

This is not a hate piece like you will see in others parts of the web. It is more about how the wound is still too raw regarding her not doing enough to keep the Screaming Carrot demon out of the White House. At the end of the article, I will include a disclaimer (the reason for the *) as to how everything may be null and void regarding my wishing she stayed invisible.

If you had not noticed, ever since the election, Hillary had been inching back into the public light. That came to a culmination yesterday with two speeches and numerous quotes attacking the Trump presidency. Yes, she has a right to say whatever and yes she is partially correct about how Chaffetz caused the Comey leak and Russian interference with Wikileaks hurt her campaign. However, there is so much more she could have done to overcome those things.

The biggest was allowing a horrible campaign strategy of just letting Trump’s own words against him with no real narrative attached. Was she not paying attention to how so many people did not care about those things? If his deplorables (another mistake to galvanize the group with namecalling) did not care, then odds are a large portion of the undecided voters would not care either.

She should have added more narrative to the things said, while also hammering on them endlessly. We should have had a 24/7 media barrage of: promotion of rape culture, a draft dodger attacking military/vets, he will destroy the Affordable Care Act, protecting the planet from his climate change denial, afraid to show tax returns, racists flocking to his message and becoming energized, Russian connections. Many of those things have been the focus since he won, hurting him in the polls and every single one of them could have been used in a more effective campaign. For example, the extent of her Russia involvement comments was a blurb in the final debate where she called him ‘Putin’s Puppet.”

And why didn’t she campaign more in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania? If those states were her ‘must-wins’, then they should have had blanket coverage. She had to have known about #CrossCheck and other voter suppression methods and did her best to overcome them.

I also still do not understand why she did not put her pride aside and name Bernie Sanders as her running mate. Tim Kaine seems like a nice guy and all, but this past election was far too important to keep a dictator-wannabe out of office. Speaking of Trump, I also wonder why no one ever asked him why he always attacked President Obama. Odds are, he would have answered with something that could have been construed as racism if properly pressed given his history.

There is so much more that I am not even mentioning that could have been done as well, as these are just some of the highlights, many of which had been emphasized during protests. She should have used all of this and so much more because ‘We The People’ are now in peril because she did not. That is why I wish she would have taken longer to come back into the public spotlight, because I am still upset she did not do more to protect us.

Disclaimer (*): If the investigation into #TrumpRussia determines egregious collusion with the Russian government and the only recourse is to declare Hillary Clinton the winner, the I will be just fine with how she handled things regarding her return…but that is the only way. Cross your fingers in hopes that is what happens.

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  1. She ran two awful campaigns – against Obama & Trump. She could have done so much more against Trump. Yes – she could have used Bernie’s energy. I hated to see her lose, and I certainly hate the result. But enough. The problem is not just Hillary. It is many in the Democratic party that need to recede. We need new leadership in many places. We lost for several reasons – many of these reasons fall with Hillary and her campaign, but they also lie with our message and how we deliver our message. Thank you.

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