Republicans Cannot Be Trusted To Investigate #TrumpRussia

Bobby M.

Last week, news came out saying that the Senate investigation into Russia’s interference in our election had been hobbled. That now makes two out of two houses of congress (both controlled by republicans) who are dragging their feet regarding this scandal. If you needed any more proof that the investigations the GOP used against Clinton were done to affect the election, you now have it considering they do not use that same bend-over-backwards effort to check into Trump and his Russian ties. They tried to say that the multitude of hearings regarding Clinton was because of due diligence. If that was the case, why can they not use the same type of energy when a member of their own party is sitting in the White House? Though I guess we all knew the answer to that question before people even considered #TrumpRussia after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (CA) comments about Clinton.

If you were not aware, Senator Richard Burr (R-NC), who is the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, waited more than three months to hire anyone working the investigation full-time. In fact, that wait probably would have gone longer had the media not caught wind of just how badly he had been dragging his feet on the #TrumpRussia inquiry. Up to that point, all the staffers working the investigation were part-time and had zero investigative experience. Not a single subpoena had been issued, nor a single interview with key parties (i.e. Manafort, Page, Stone, etc) connected to it all.

When you couple that information along with the ‘Keystone Cops’ type¬†shenanigans going on in the House of Representatives regarding the investigation, the premise is proven regarding the GOP’s lack of impartiality with it all. To summarize, Devin Nunes attempted to sidetrack the whole thing, while also providing cover for Trump’s lie regarding wiretapping. Then you have Jason Chaffetz, the man who originally tried to say he would be tough on Clinton had she won the White House. I guess he lost his backbone after he purposefully leaked the Comey letter to help sway the election. When you are so crooked to do something like that, no point in hiding true colors afterwards, so almost every turn later involved him deflecting for Trump in some capacity. He did finally show some fortitude when he subpoenaed the White House for the Flynn records, but this only happened after the announcement he would be leaving office as soon as he could and not running for re-election in 2018. Not to mention, he tried to skip out on congressional service for a month due to foot surgery right after that order. But he changed his mind and returned in less than a week. It makes one think that he only returned so he can continue to try to impede the investigation.

That should be enough examples right there, but unfortunately there are more. For example, Trump used his position to force out the U.S. State Attorney, Preet Bharara, from New York that was investigating him directly. He also promoted the one person Obama tried to keep from being involved in the Department of Justice’s investigation into #TrumpRussia in Dana Boente. By the way, guess who is now leading the DOJ’s inquiry into it all, that same Dana Boente. A recent NBCNews/Wall Street Journal poll saying, 73% of the public want an impartial, non-partisan investigation. But the way things are going now, apparently that is not going to happen.


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