Reboot Of AHCA Discussions

By Andrew Witzel

That is what I woke up to on Sunday morning as I casually scrolled through the tweets on my phone. After I got over the initial bouts of nausea, I quickly realized that Trump and the GOP were again trying to get AHCA passed. From what I can tell, it doesn’t appear that anything has changed with the previous version aside from the lies and subterfuge that the GOP is shovelling to the American people. None of this actually makes any sense to me. If it looks like crap and smells like crap, chances are good it is actually crap.

Trump went on Face the Nation this past weekend saying that the AHCA has a clause that guarantees people with pre-existing conditions will be covered. Covered by what though? Coverage is a rather vague description and using auto-insurance as a metaphor; SafeAuto provides “coverage” for your automobile, so does Allstate Premier…. I know what I would want to have in a car crash. The AHCA is like SafeAuto, coverage is minimal at best and would most certainly have massively high deductibles that the patient would be responsible for paying. I’m not saying that the ACA is similar to Allstate Premier, but it’s certainly better than anything related to the AHCA. The debate won’t be over anytime soon.

Saturday night Trump was at a rally in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that was attended by several people I have personal contact with. They were quick to let me know via text message and email that Trump got a lot of applause after saying, of the AHCA, “We’re going to get this damn thing passed quickly.” Almost implying that the problem it hasn’t passed quickly was because of opposition from anyone or anything non-Republican. Based on the tepid response on the first attempt from Trump’s own party the first go around, with so little change to the bill, how does he see it passing on the second go around? The man is delusional and the 100th day has come and gone. Guess those campaign promises got tossed out with the weekends garbage.

The fact that American Republicans across the country are *still* supporting Trump after literally not coming through on any of his major campaign promises is amazing. He has failed the American people during his first 100 days, with near constant blame deflection to people around him, with little to nothing to show than tweets and stupid meme’s of pretending to drive a truck. In order to get AHCA passed, in any form, it will require Trump and the GOP to embrace the willingness of Democrats to work with them if they back off a full repeal of the 2010 ACA. With an issue as huge as healthcare with the level of impact to almost every American, you would expect that our elected officials would be overwhelmingly willing to work with each other. A lack of cooperation that’s been demonstrated currently just says neither side is willing to compromise in any way. What does that show for a Republican controlled Senate, House of Representatives and White House? It’s a shame.

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