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DeMint Out at Heritage? Not “Pro-Trump” Enough For Rebekah Mercer

By Jason Taylor

It’s time the Republicans show their full hand. Tell the exact truth and stop living a lie. Full repeal of ACA, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Voting Rights Act, and Brown v. Board of Education (to be achieved through charter schools/vouchers). What’s the tell? Here’s the tell: Keep giving tax cuts until there is not enough money to maintain any safety net or enforce voting rights. The Grover Norquist game plan.

Funny how the Heritage Foundation wants so badly to gut the health care law that they invented and passed along to a Republican governor, who made it successful policy, before handing it to a Democratic president.

People like Jim DeMint, Rebekah Mercer, and institutions like Heritage give conservatism a bad name. They are not conservative. They are reactionary. They are racist. They are greedy. They are authoritarian. But they are not conservative. They do not want to conserve. They want to go backward in time. They want to control people. They do not care about destroying the planet we live on. Good riddance to white trash. Let the rich heathens spend their ill-gained dollars backing worthless causes like Karl Rove did. Vote against these parasites in 2018.

The good news is DeMint being ousted from the conservative think tank Heritage Foundation. The bad news is that one of the Mercer family is doing the ousting. And so the crazies get even crazier.

The words “conservative” and “think tank” are a contradiction in terms. As far as DeMint and his ousting from this group, it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. As soon as Obama was elected, behind closed doors, this individual spearheaded a group who, in an all out attempt to make sure Obama was not elected for a second term, made sure Republicans in both houses committed to blocking any and all legislation brought forth by the Obama administration, regardless of its importance and whom it might have affected.

To the outside liberal or moderate observer, the changing of the guard at The Heritage Foundation seems to be a case of reverting to old leadership at a time when they should have been celebrating their ability to pressure or fool Donald Trump into appointing the people they wanted, including Justice Neil Gorsuch.

One of the most extreme right-wing businessmen in America was the financial angel of Heritage — Joseph Coors. The man rivaled the John Birch Society activist, Fred Koch, father of the Brothers Koch, as a radical conservative.

Apparently, the intellectual descendants of Coors cannot grasp why Republicans who have to run for office — even in supposedly safe districts — are hesitant to throw Republicans of moderate means under the healthcare bus and are equally reluctant to defy their voters on the budget.

“Circular Firing Squad”-a situation in which a group of people are engaged in self-destructive internal conflicts and mutual recriminations.

As I remember, Democrats were famous for that catch phrase. And much of it was just hoopla by the Republicans. But here we have the makings of the “real circular firing squad.”  And it’s not just Heritage Foundation. Look at how the first 100 days of Trump’s Presidency will end. The only accomplishment that they can claim is, they didn’t shut the government down, at least not yet. We’ll see what happens next week.

The Heritage Foundation is no different than the Rush Limbaughs and Sean Hannitys of the world. They spout less government, big business, tax cuts for the super-rich and a host of other proposals that somehow take money from the from the bottom and middle of the pyramid and move it to the top.

But now this whole bunch of the conservative right wingers have to step up to the plate. They are now in complete control of the three branches of government with tons of money from the “Citizens United” groups to fund their hegemony. So we’ll see, but the first 100 days were a complete failure and they know it. And their near-term future is fraught with disagreement within their own ranks, just like Heritage Foundation.  You just don’t get rid of someone like Jim DeMint over the healthcare debacle unless there are other underlying issues.

While Trump still has his supporters, the masses are waking up to the fact that they were hoodwinked. Take away people’s health insurance and reduce Medicare benefits. Increase the deficit by giving even more of a tax break to the rich. Fine with me. Then let’s see what Congress looks like after the 2018 elections. Since the masses also live in denial, Republicans will still probably eek out a majority in the House, but they’ll lose the Senate.

Why are people like the Mercers, the Kochs, and their like-minded billionaires are so hell bent on making life miserable for us regular folks? All of them have more money than God. Yet Rebekah Mercer has the nerve to paint herself as something of an evangelical, while supporting the likes of Steve Bannon, and his former employer Breitbart to the tune of millions and millions of dollars. All in an effort to promote hate propaganda to the ignorant masses.

Why can’t they just mind their own business, enjoy that they have a quality of life that most of us can’t begin to imagine, and leave the rest of us alone?

Is it that they feel they must extract every last cent they can from a populace and country that enabled them to acquire such wealth? These people are not only greedy, self-serving, power mad, and hateful — they’re sadistic. Their goal is to make sure not one cent is spent to relieve the pain and suffering of the rest of us. One can only conclude that they simply don’t care if people die needlessly and that they quite possibly hope for it.

It’s time for the Heritage Foundation to own up to designing the template for what is now called ObamaCare, and to their confounding opposition to it the moment Obama reached across the aisle to adopt their outline. And by “own up” I don’t mean pulling at threads to prove that the finished product was somehow different from their design; I mean admitting that ObamaCare is fundamentally a conservative concept and the only reason they’ve fought it is because they won’t work with Democrats at all, ever, and the country be damned.

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