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You Can Stop Tearing Your Hair Out In Frustration Now.

By: Randy Deabay

The verdict is in, and after 100 days, Donald Trump has proven that he cannot handle the job of being President. The sad situation was, while many Americans sat on the sidelines pulling out their collective hair out trying to figure out exactly what has been going on, there millions who continued to support Trump. Even when he makes errors, and parties hard if he does one thing right out of twenty.

The majority of Americans have said “I’ll give Trump credit where credit is due” but only when his cult stops crediting him for accomplishments he’s not achieved.” That seems fair enough.

Sadly, the blind allegiance began many decades ago when he illegally refused to allow black Americans to rent from his father’s apartments, to his spousal rape of Ivana, to the forcible nude photo shoot with Marla, to the fake University.  It goes on and on even though the position he now holds demands so much more.

So we hear of a wall that originally was going to be paid for by the Mexican government, but now won’t be.   We hear of canceling Obamacare, which will put millions in a destitute situation due to their ailments.  Now the EPA removes its own climate change page from the website. Where is the work for the American worker, and the families that are desperate? Nothing in the pages of his latest fiasco at trying to introduce an arrogantly written self-greed tax code, to hiring billionaires as cabinet members.

The country is starving, and it is because of the American political figures in Washington.

They starve America by taxing everything that a person does from sales taxes to corporate taxes that raise prices on items, to taxes on working to feed their families.  America gets taxed to death no matter which way they turn. That single pair of socks you buy has over 100 different taxes on it –  from corporate taxes to gasoline taxes, to EPA regulations, to employee taxes to store profit taxes, to store employee taxes, to sales taxes. What would that pair of socks actually cost if there were no taxes?

Americans only need to follow the lies, the lies promoted by their own government, and they will land at the doorstep of the golden apartment of Donald Trump in Manhatten or Mar A Lago Florida. The average citizen can quickly discern that willful disinformation is being propagandized by Trump, The Nationalist GOPers, and Fox News to divert America’s attention from the entanglement of Russia and the Trump administration.

Besides playing golf, spreading national secrets over eggs benedict in Mar A Lago, Trump celebrates 100-day mark by railing against media — and seeking to steal the spotlight from White House Correspondents Dinner, that he avoided for a campaign-style rally.

While America tries to stand strong and put their combined stake back into the greatest country on earth, foreign aluminum imports are a threat to National Security but Trump/Russia COLLUSION is NOT? 

When did the American voter lose their intelligence, and get suckered in fake politicians, lying political leaders, and obtuse community leaders?  Was it when they lost the American fortitude to hold strong to convictions and morality over the easy road and selfish greed? America needs to stand back, look in the proverbial mirror and realize they have placed a burden unlike any other by electing such incompetant, unrealistic, ill prepared, non-constitutional politicians in high offices.

It is time America stops pulling their hair out, and starts to make America whole once again.



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