Trump And Ryan’s Republican Death Panels Fail Again….What a Shame

By Jason Taylor

After so many years of whining and voting for recall and playing the hate Obamacare card, it’s fabulous to see Republicans mired to their necks in detritus. Reality is a cruel and unforgiving mistress as they will learn in 2018.

If the Republicans really wanted to help the American people, they’d partner with Democrats to improve/repair the current Affordable Care Act. Instead, they’ve spent eight years howling about repealing Obamacare, so reaching across the aisle would seem like capitulation. Just another example of Ryan’s small-minded leadership, and the Republicans’ blind adherence to a promise they should never have made.

The Trump administration doesn’t seem the slightest bit concerned about the optics of trying to ram through rushed and poorly thought-out patchwork changes to an intricate and delicately balanced health act that took years to design and that millions have come to rely on.

They don’t seem to care about the anxiety they are creating among those who will be negatively affected, and they don’t even seem to care to know who will be negatively affected. The only thing that matters to them is President Trump’s image after the first 100 days of his administration.

Many of those potentially most hurt by the clumsy political assault on the Affordable Care Act will be among the supporters President Trump plans to appeal to in his rally this weekend. No doubt they will be wondering if he really has their interests at heart, along with those who are now wondering if they made a mistake in November on many issues.

Instead of spending hours, days, and weeks, devoted to the frivolous effort of undermining the previous administration’s crown achievement, simply for the sake of doing so, the GOP should be working harder to actually improve the current program, which clearly is the more pragmatic option.

The fact that doing what is best for US citizens is unthinkable, is evidence that the GOP would rather play this absurd game of trying to erase Obama from the annals of American history than admit his administration had a solid concept in the ACA, and work to improve the existing framework — Something that would win bipartisan support and establish a legacy for this administration as being above petty partisanship. The American public is sick to death of partisanship, the feckless ramifications of which, we suffer.

Why can’t the United States– At least the hard-line Republicans?—?finally admit that all citizens deserve decent healthcare?

Remind me again how many times the Republican-controlled House voted to repeal Obamacare before Trump became president?

Now that they don’t have the “out” of a guaranteed presidential veto, they have to face the consequences of repeal. They know how many millions of ordinary Americans would be harmed. I suppose it’s a little encouraging that some Republicans balk at that.

What is the goal here? Republicans can’t pass legislation to repeal Obamacare because they have no goal other than repeal. They don’t know or admit what they’re trying to accomplish. Democrats had a goal in getting the ACA passed. They weren’t able to fully achieve it because of the power of the insurance lobby, but they knew what they were trying to do and why: health care is a right, not a luxury or privilege.

Health care is our promise to respect each other’s dignity and the right to life (a term that should apply to existing people as it does to the unborn). Healthcare affirms the value of each individual; it should affirm the value of each individual over our crass worship of profit.

The truth is that Republicans oppose universal health care as a right under a single-payer system because it would affirm the equality of all Americans. The right to health care is a supreme form of freedom. Republicans, with their love of the death penalty and prisons, want to deprive as many people as possible of freedom. Freedom means something to them only when they can deny it in order to dominate others.

The Republicans are right about the benefits of the market and competition for many parts of the economy. Healthcare is not one of them.

Free markets and competition will never produce an effective and efficient healthcare system for all Americans. Medicare for all, like the rest of the developed world has, is the only viable solution.

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