Trump Sees The Light: NAFTA Is Here To Stay… Maybe

By Jason Taylor

Okay, folks, we all need to learn this lesson once and for all: make fun of, or say Trump hasn’t accomplished anything unleashes all sorts of additional crazy. This rush to 100 days, him hearing the drumbeat of ‘failed agenda,’ etc. has led to the tax cut proposal, this NAFTA nuttiness, the resurrection of healthcare with an even worse, more punitive plan. All so he can have the idea of ‘winning’ in his personal achievement column.

And his rally on Saturday is his reward, his cookie, his merit badge, and he will crow to the rafters and beyond about all this ‘achievement’ and ‘progress’ and ‘winning’ … and will say the media got it — and him — ‘wrong again. He’s really got a lot in common with Putin. As in, how much does one poke the bear? I think we, as a nation, as journalists, as voters, need to understand exactly what we are dealing with and proceed accordingly.

The pleasure of seeing Trump cave on NAFTA, The Wall, Healthcare, and having seen his multiple executive orders on the Muslim ban, and Sanctuary cities get thrown down by Federal judges is almost too much for me to handle. The “I told you so’s” are wanting to jump from my keyboard.

The US is lucky because, for the most part, it’s southern and northern neighbors are not stacking up nuclear bombs for potential future use. So let’s make enemies out of them because off course Americans don’t need real friends. At any rate no one should be surprised. This is a president with a BB gun who is shooting at doves. This is the tough guy who used the mother of all bombs to kill an estimated 33 bad guys, costing millions, but then had to watch a few Taliban attack a base in Afghanistan and kill hundreds for probably a tiny percentage of the cost. Yes. That really is genius, isn’t it?

Trump with his master Tax plan is sure to decrease the American economy, lose thousands of American jobs, and cause great suffering for Americans. That’s exactly what I hope Trump manages to do with his term, because America should suffer, because it was boneheaded to choose this lying ignoramus for president. All the negative effects from it are well deserved, and the worst possible case would be for him to succeed at anything.

In a quest to ensure his willfully ignorant supporters that he’s accomplished something (anything!) by his 100 day mark, Trump will throw our entire economy into shambles just to brag that he (tried) repealed NAFTA — something I guarantee most of his voters cannot even define but know they’re supposed to hate….because…Mexicans? Yeah, that sounds about right. MAGA!

Can you hear the coal mining and factory jobs coming back already? His voters sure can! Maybe he’ll bring back locomotives, Elvis, and the rotary phone while he’s at it.

God help us from this slow moving nightmare.

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