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Michael Flynn Broke The Law: Lock Him Up!

By Jason Taylor

The White House’s continued attempts to dodge the questions on Michael Flynn and Russia certainly make this administration look as though it is trying to hide something. I hope that now Rep. Chaffetz has decided he’ll be spending more time with his family in the future, he will grow a spine and prosecute this inquiry properly for all our sakes before he steps down.

Mr. Chaffetz appears to be worried about justifiable criticism of his own record for pursuing Hillary Clinton with the righteous fury of a hellhound while ignoring this administration’s massive ethical and legal lapses. He’s taking the easiest stance possible on what much of the world has already recognized: This administration is corrupt to an unprecedented degree, and Flynn’s violations are only the beginning.

If this happened on Obama’s watch, the word “commies” would be applied to every Democrat in the USA by a very vocal group of Republicans.

So what is the GOP going to do about this threat to democracy beyond expressing “concern” or going after the bottom-feeders? Start at the top, please. (Emoluments violations, anybody? Unprecedented nepotism? Self-dealing? Collusion with Russian election interference?) Then maybe Chaffetz and Co. can prove they’re putting the country ahead of their own self-interest.

Since Flynn is already out, the questions to focus on now are probably, 1) who else broke the law in this administration, 2) what are the connections between Russia and this administration, 3) in what way did the Trump campaign collude in Russia’s subverting our elections, and 4) when can we finally bring Trump up on treason charges. As for Flynn, he’s out, and not important anymore except in what he can tell us about the rest of the Trump gang’s criminal and treasonous actions.

The immunity deal sought by Mike Flynn makes all the more sense given this new revelation. He must have known that this conclusion was coming and hence sought to mitigate it. The only question now is how much of this was known by Trump and whether hiring him despite such knowledge constitutes, by itself, a violation of a federal law. If the latter case can be made, then Flynn should be given immunity in the hope of being able to fry the bigger fish, i.e. The Donald.

I also wonder if the decision by Chaffetz to not stand for re-election is in part driven by a disgust of the Republican party given all that he has visibility to. It does not condone his past actions in the least bit but would give us an inkling about the extent of the chaos.

“Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, said Tuesday that ‘to ask for every call or contact that a national security adviser made is pretty outlandish if you will.'”

No, it’s not outlandish. We’re talking about America’s security. For the President’s press secretary to talk so dismissively about such an issue is absurd. Apparently, now that the Black man is no longer in office there is no such thing as ethics. The Republicans are corrupt to the core – expect nothing from them but more treasonous behavior.

Newt Gingrich had an affair while leading the impeachment of President Clinton for lying about a sexual encounter.

Speaker Dennis Hastert sexually abused boys and covered it up while voting against LGBT citizens for decades.

General Flynn led wild-eyed chants of “Lock her up!” (for having a secure email system) while he was hiding his payments from, and ties to, foreign governments.

How do these people sleep at night?

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