100 Days Of Delusion

By Andrew Witzel

There are nine or so days left before Trump has been in office for 100 days. Boy how the time flies, or doesn’t, as it feels more like 100 years since he took office. The man has consistently been inconsistent and acts more like that inexperienced intern working a job he’s underqualified to do but needs experience to graduate college. I think we all want a pair of his gold-plated rose-colored glasses to wear all the time with statements like this:

No administration has accomplished more in the first 90 days

He’s never held public office. He has a lack of detailed knowledge about many of the policy areas he’s now overseeing as president. He has been surprised several times since January by aspects of the job. POTUS is not a job where you can just “wing it” and hope nobody notices. The mainstream media, for all their faults and negative public views, has seemed to have partially learned a valuable lesson and has tempered their message making what they report slightly more credible. Trump has learned the hard way that you can’t escape the scrutinizing eye of the media regardless of what you go on record saying or spewing onto Twitter with your insecure commercial Android mobile device.

His assertion was bold, so for the ones living under a rock the last 100 days, here’s a quick breakdown of what he’s accomplished.

  • Signed 28 bills into law. 13 reversed Obama-era policies. Several others were minor or housekeeping bills. There has been no major piece of legislation.
  • Issued 24 executive orders, 22 presidential memorandums and 20 proclamations.
  • Lagging severely in terms of appointments leaving crucial administration positions vacant.
  • Made waves with his foreign policy. Launched airstrikes in Syria, dropped a large bomb in Afghanistan and taken a tough posture towards North Korea and Iran.

The productivity of the Trump administration has been rather mediocre; and that is being kind. As far as him doing anything that ties back tangibly to his campaign promises, he’s accomplished almost nothing. The two things he has managed to accomplish, sort of, is an executive order stayed by federal courts, twice and a major legislative proposal that fell flat by failing to come to a vote with a GOP controlled House, Senate and White House. Anyone reviewing this record with impartiality can easily see that Trump’s performance pales in comparison to previous presidents during their first 100 days.

Three major policy debates have shown marginal progress but are far from being moved over to the done column. Health care, stalled a few weeks ago, has been restarted to try to repeal and replace the ACA. It remains to be seen if the latest proposal, drafted allegedly with more bipartisan input, will secure enough votes to pass this time. The border wall has entered into the fray recently as a bargaining chip to force the Democrats into supporting the wall in exchange for keeping the government running past April 28th. Tax reform has also been approached with reports that the corporate tax rate will be cut to 15%. The argument with this reform is that reducing business and individual taxes will create so much economic growth that it will offset the loss in revenue to the government and not add to the federal deficit. Most skeptics strongly agree this reform plan will fail as the historical data doesn’t support “economic growth” in the face of reduced taxes.

It’s clear that the first 100 days have been mediocre and dismal, at best, and are a clear indication of what the next four years will bring. We should all be concerned about what is going to happen to this country if Trump is allowed to continue being delusional, unpredictable and immature. God help us.

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