Macron and Le Pen: Will The French Be Smarter Than Americans?

By Jason Taylor

The results of the French Election shows the pragmatism of the French. The runoff between Macron and Le Pen indicates the real French divide and the final election will have a definitive answer to what the majority want. Win or lose for each Candidate, the French will have shown which way they want their country’s destiny. But as an American, I contribute my two cents. Please ponder over our recent American Presidential election.

Once again the press, despite nominally being against Le Pen, vaulted her to the front ranks by focusing almost exclusively on her, hanging on her every inane tweet, just as they did with Trump here.

However, the French are far better informed than we are by their press than we are by ours; Le Monde carried pages and pages of specific comparisons of each candidate on all the many issues and kept it on their website for the span of the electoral period. Given that under 15% of all news media coverage of our recent election even mentioned policy positions and was little more than cycles of type-gossip — overinflated adjectives — hype I’d say that the French have a far better chance of resisting the Putin-fostered far right than our electorate did.

While it is hopeful that Mr. Macron leads Ms. Le Pen by significant margins in almost all polling done to date, I cringe when recollecting the smug assurances the media and pollsters gave us that Donald Trump would never win last fall’s general election here in the U.S. Let’s hope it’s not another “Whoops morning” when we all wake up on May 8th.

“The great debate” begins? Fascism doesn’t have much room for debate. Please, France, remember your history and what you fought so hard to achieve since the 30s.

Let us hope that France observes and learns from the choices we in America have made. Listen to your countrypersons and do not vote for anyone with similar beliefs to our 45th President. Although I did not vote for Trump, I am ashamed of his ignorance, his lack of empathy, his lack of planning and his lack of morals and values. I am sickened to watch his complete and utter disregard for human life.

Donald Trump is tearing down the very fabric of American ingenuity and imagination. He believes that we have nuclear weapons to be used instead of diplomacy. Hate is not an American or French value. We have been friends and allies with France through both WW’s. They have given us our most cherished Statue of Liberty. We must defend our liberties and continue to live up to her motto. Our human connections will be our armor through troubling times.

Trump Fans rooting for Le Pen – please catch the next Boat to Russia. Live in the Heart of Kleptocracy and Fake News that you crave for, suppress minorities and discriminate based on religion and sexuality, drink deeply from The Fountain of Hate and come back in four years and see if you can still stomach Freedom and Truth.

To all the people of France. If your May 8th turns out anything like our November 8th you’ll wish it were May 7th again for the rest of your lives.


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