ICYMI News Roundup @ EatPrayVote.org: April 21st – 23rd

By Bobby M.

In case you missed any of the news from April 21st through April 23rd, here is a brief recap regarding much of what happened. Not everything will have a hyperlink, so if you would like more information, please highlight and google it.

Because of how much Trump and what he has pushed the republican party into further regarding rejecting science and facts, there were marches all over the world to support science, which is the big story for the weekend. This happened in conjunction with Earth Day, which is recognized as April 22nd, because of the Trump administration’s embrace of climate change denial. This weekend also marked the beginning of France’s presidential elections. In the run-off between the two final candidates, let us hope the French reject the Putin puppet, unlike America. With comments this past Friday, Trump attempted to sway the election in Le Pen’s favor when he weighed in on the recent ISIS provoked shooting and how it could affect the election.

The rest of what is listed below may have been harder to hear details about…

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