Hellbent On His Wall, Trump Is a “Go” For Government Shutdown

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump made it explicitly clear at almost every rally, every interview that “Mexico is paying for the Border Wall, 100%”: not that we would pay for it and get reimbursed later, or some other Trump type replacement scheme. No, Trump was very clear about who is paying for it.

There is no way that there should even be a budget item, line item or expenditures listed that would take money out of the American people’s pockets for a Border Wall that is basically nonsense.

Trump is not only showing himself to be a lousy negotiator, he is totally incompetent when it comes to government policy issues and details of legislation. Donald Trump proves time and time again in these, the worst 100 days of any President in history, as being in way over his head in the Oval office; while Mike Pence is showing himself to be just as incompetent.

Paying for the wall, a big spending increase for the military, infrastructure spending, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy …. This means a massive increase in the federal deficit. Where are the ‘fiscal conservatives’ in the GOP — the ones who advocated a balanced budget amendment under Obama? Will they say “no” to Trump’s unfunded spending binge? It seems more likely they’ll duck.

What Americans now see is a political party which cannot get out of its own way to govern effectively. The ineptitude of this administration, of this president, is absolutely staggering. Trump simply will not — or cannot — learn. Meanwhile, a Republican Congress of political cynics lets him stagger on, tweeting his version of reality in the middle of the night, like a punch drunk fighter, not to mention being in clear violation of the laws concerning making a profit center of the White House.

Mexico will never pay for an American wall any more than we would in the reverse situation. That was pie-in-the-sky lunacy from the get-go.

As for a military build up, what for? We already spend more than the seven closest nations combined. Besides, the days of naval battles and marching armies have gone the way of the dodo. They look great in period piece movies but aren’t the way war is fought any longer. Like Trump himself, they are the product of an earlier age.

We need neither of his campaign promises fulfilled. They would increase the national debt for no clear and appropriate purpose. Republicans, remember your passionate concern for no new spending? Well, the time is here to say it again loud and clear.

Jobs, Mr. Trump. Where are the jobs? I don’t mean temporary ones in which your cronies skim the cream off the top of government contracts and pay the workers poorly for a couple of years while building a wall. I mean real, long lasting, decent paying jobs. You know, the kind the Tea Party promised when they ran in 2010 — and immediately forgot once in office. Like them, you are all bluster and no substance.

Throwing tantrums and shutting down the government is apparently the way we now run the government here in the USA. Once again we see the complete normalization of abhorrent behavior that used to be considered outrageous but now defines us.

The only way to deal with an indignant toddler is not to give in to his tantrums. The Democrats need to sit this one out, let the GOP go full bore crazy and shut everything down if the spirit so moves them. Let Trump, Ryan et al. try to blame the Democrats for their own insanity. It will never stick. They own the whole ball of wax now.

Memo to Trump, McConnell, Ryan: Well boys, you wanted it — you got it. All of it — the House, the Senate, the White House. And you still can’t stop bumbling. Pathetic. Consider your bluff called. Let me tell you something you somehow haven’t heard — Americans don’t want a wall. They want health care for their families.

Trump has a lot to learn and it is painfully clear that he has no desire to learn about how to govern. The US is not his private company that he can draw money out of at will, sort of like he has been doing every weekend. His staff is also ignorant of how to keep a country running. Threats and bullying is not governing. How many times do we have to tell Trump and Co. that we are not going to pay for a WALL. The rate of illegal immigration was already declining before Trump started his crusade, a fact of which Trump and his followers were willfully ignorant.

The ACA needs tweaking to make it better.  The Republican health care plan was neither about health care nor a plan. Seven years of promising a replacement plan and all Ryan has offered us is a decrease in services and an increase in premiums while cutting some 25 million people out of the insurance market.

It does no good to talk to these cretins.  Greed and spitefulness rules the Republican Party. Anything good that came from the Obama administration must be erased no matter how good it was. President Trump’s team hasn’t a clue about governing – breaking up the US into small parts and selling it off is more their style.

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