Another Day, Another Round Of Empty Promises From The Trump White House.

By Jason Taylor

Does anyone listen to Trump anymore? His family is heavily invested in and benefiting from goods made in China and other “non-US” locations. Ivanka and Trump himself just got several trademarks approved in multiple countries for manufacturing goods with their logo on them using foreign workers. Trump has insulted are allies with little apparent knowledge of the details of trade issues and without a viable plan.

Trump wants Americans to “Buy American, Hire American”, but that policy does not apply to his hiring and procuring processes for Mar a Lago. Every year Mar a Lago hires foreign workers for the Trump mansion/resort, bringing them into work for 6 to 8 months for lower pay and no benefits. The President makes no attempt to hire locally. He makes no attempt to buy supplies that are made in the USA.

A number of local people with resort and hospitality industry experience have applied for jobs, only to be told Trump is not hiring. Of course, American workers would have to be paid competitively with other American workers, and they’d have various worker protections, unlike foreign workers. Oh, and his red hats are made in China, the same country that gave him Trump trademarks after he backed off the currency manipulator claims. Mr. Trump should be the first American to Buy American, Hire American.

Let’s get this straight, 75 dairy farmers lose a milk buyer and the President of the most powerful country on earth goes on a rant. Meanwhile, a health plan that will leave 24 million Americans without insurance has his endorsement.

Asides from attacking Canada, one of our oldest and most trusted allies, and worsening that alliance, as he often has before, this all means nothing. Trump was just ranting about something he barely understands, as always, and as no policies will result from this rant, it’s just a lot of lies adding up to zilch. As is frequent with Trump. Donald Trump the tweeting twit tarnishes America again to no purpose. Let’s see what longstanding international relationship he’ll work to undo tomorrow. And America continues to decrease in standing, and we obviously deserve it for electing this idiot.

Trump is cracking up. The pressure is building. He is lashing out. He wants to win and he can’t. He doesn’t know how to win in the political arena. He doesn’t know what to win or what to fight for because of his incompetence. So now he invents a new battle. He invents a crisis that does not exist. We must fight the Canadians. He can’t bury the Mexicans. His glorious wall is still just a slogan and it will stay that way. He now turns his fury against our closest trading partner and friend Canada.

The Canadians did it. The Canadians are out to get us. We must get back at the Canadians.

I would like to apologize to our dear friends to the North. Americans are not your enemy. Our not my President Trump is sick. He is mentally unbalanced. He is rapidly sinking into the darkness. If Trump thinks that imported steel is a matter of national security then he really has cracked up. This is lunacy and I will waste no time attempting to argue against it. Crazy is just crazy and this steel issue is crazy.

Rather than calling for a useless investigation into whether steel imports are harming national security, the investigation that should be demanded, and the one that truly matters to US national security, is the degree of involvement of the Trump campaign into Russian interference in the election. And into Trump’s financial ties and obligations to Putin and the Russian oligarchs. A special prosecutor with subpoena powers and a blue ribbon non-partisan investigation should be commenced immediately. Disclosure of his tax returns should be forced immediately If Trump has “nothing to hide”, then why is he hiding?

I hold my breath when I see Donald Trump at the podium. His speeches are written for about fourth grade (or less) levels, his mouth gets super dry, and he throws his own very inappropriate pats on the backs, sort of. Like how very huuugely bigly excited he is about meeting the Pope. Can’t wait! Schmooze Pope talk. With the same podium presence after just finding out about the Paris shooting. Reminding everyone The Donald is meeting the Pope.

Trump railed against Canadian lumber and dairy, that Nafta was, therefore, a disaster and had to be renegotiated.

Would someone please inform the Trump administration that neither lumber or dairy are included in the Nafta agreement…

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