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With O’Reilly Gone At Fox Will More Heads Roll?

By Randy Deabay

OReilly is on permanent Vacation and Tucker Carlson is taking his place. Fox news has become less a news channel and more a fiasco that is as entertaining as Trump. With controversies, lies, and disgusting actions by those who one would expect should be outstanding in their community. Roger Ailes was removed due to his sick and demented sexual innuendos to Bill Oreilly’s sexual harassment, Fox is more a house of ill repute than a News Channel to be respected or believed. It took 15 days to end the mighty 20-year reign of Roger Ailes at Fox News, one of the most storied runs in media and political history. More than two dozen women have come forward to accuse Ailes of sexual harassment, and what they have exposed is both a culture of misogyny and one of corruption and surveillance, smear campaigns and hush money, with implications reaching far wider than one disturbed man at the top.

While this was going on names like Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine, Eric Bolling, and much more all fell prey to the whims and lies of one Donald J. Trump. The end result is a station placed in a position to be nothing more than the puppet of Trump, with unfair and far from balanced reporting by once a well-respected network.

It all began with the end of Gretchen from mornings due to her co-host Steve Doocy, and the protectioni01-ailes-2.w710.h473sm by Aisles of the womanizing. Today we see that the latest headliner is the finality of Bill Oreilly, once well respected and the most watched cable newsmegyn kelly anchor on any cable network. Today his vacation began. Between Roger Aisles and Bill Oreilly, America saw Fox News lose the future of the network with the leaving of Megyn Kelly because of harassment by both Aisles and Oreilly. The Murdochs are still in a dumbfound loss of words for this. Fox News may have just ridden itself of a serially sexist and racist blowhard by ousting Bill O’Reilly, but the network promoted two racist clowns to help fill the void: Eric Bolling and Jesse Watters.

As part of Fox’s primetime lineup reshuffling, its 5 p.m. roundtable gabfest The Five will move to the 9 p.m. slot vacated by Tucker Carlson, another conspiracist, and loud-mouthed Trump supporter, who will take over O’Reilly’s highly coveted 8 o’clock hour. Bolling will depart The Five to get his own 5 p.m. show, starting May 1. Replacing him on The Five will be Watters, O’Reilly’s long-time protege, and henchman. What a joke, if one was to look at the programming choices for Fox News, it is like they are trying to self-destruct by becoming the propagandist network for the Trump entourage, and evil players. America has become to hate and disbelieve the words that come out of the mouth of any anchor that is displayed on the airwaves of Fox News.

With O’Reilly’s firing, it’s clear Fox News is attempting to revamp its internal reputation as a den of sexism and sexual harassment. But in those promoted following his exit, it’s clear the network has no desire to change its on-air reputation when it comes to casual race-baiting. From blatantly using sexist and racist comments both Bolling and Waters have used words to offend the Black Americans, Women, and the Chinese Americans, as a start. No, Fox is doing nothing to help its image with the intelligent viewer, or the non-Nationalist, non-hatemongering racist, not- bigots, non-anti everything that OReilly, Bolling, and Waters perpetuate.

We hear from the Alt-Right nazi style racist and bigots that anyone who does not support Trump or Fox News must be Liberal, but if Liberal means not supporting what they stand for, 70% of Americans would prefer being Liberal…What does the Fox News say? Don’t watch me unless you are a hatemongering, warmongering racist bigot who believes men have the right to assault, insult, and abuse emotionally and physically women. What does the Fox say? America is not stupid enough to watch such propaganda any longer. America states emphatically it is time to remove the liars, puppets, and hate spreaders that have permeated every core of Fox News. CNN and MSNBC have seen substantial increases in viewership over the last year because of the ill thought out decisions of Fox News.



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