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Trump’s Base Support Inside The GOP Is Dwindling Fast

By Jason Taylor

Since Jason Chaffetz has just announced he’s not running for re-election in 2018, I assume he cannot stomach being responsible for looking into all the ethical violations the Trump administration has perpetrated. That would require really hard work and dedication- neither of which any member of the GOP Congress has ever demonstrated.

Only when Trump’s policies begin to hit the pocketbooks of Republican Congressmen and their constituencies dear to them or when the next set of elections set them back, will they stand up to the tyrant in the White House. Rules, according to the Trump “doctrine” are meant only for those without money.

Install your family in high government positions, hire your billionaire friends to head federal departments and agencies, cut regulations on corporations that protect the public but enrich the corporations, take as many vacations as you and your family can fit in and let the taxpayers pay for it, make promises that won’t be kept but are expedient in the moment, leave hundreds of positions unfilled so the government really doesn’t work, deny any facts that do not fit the narrative you are creating. The next time people decide that what America needs is a businessman to run the federal government, we will remind them of Trump’s first 100 days.

Trump as President represents the ultimate corporate takeover. The visitor blackout and Ivanka’s Chinese trademarks are not small things to me. With brazen rapidity, like the snatching of profitable opportunities, Trump and family have conquered the White House and turned the presidency into a family business. I’m sickened and furious when I read of the cost to the taxpayers of their numerous vacations and junkets to foreign countries, often, it comes out later, managing to further their family fortunes.

Chris Matthews of MSNBC compares the Trump clan to the Romanovs, the last oligarchic-monarchs driven out by the Russian Revolution.

I think Trump is more like his pal Putin, divvying up US tax breaks and business opportunities for his fellow billionaire cabinet members, and conferring financial favor on them and his family in return for political and psychological support. The thing I’ll never understand is not that Trump feels entitled to this level of a rip-off but that his supporters, many of which belong to the struggling lower economic classes, see no problem here. Do they really think his conflicts of interest and clear self-dealing are making America great?

The midterm elections of 2018 will be the battle that either saves this nation or sends it permanently down the tube of corruption. If Trump succeeds in getting away with using the Presidency as a means to self-enrichment, then others will too. Once the pool of integrity gets polluted, it becomes very hard to clean up. It will never be as clean as the residue sticks to the bottom. Here is the critical aspect.

It is not possible to have laws that define every aspect of society, including the conduct of the President. Integrity often becomes a matter of personal responsibility. You don’t do things that you know are wrong just because you can get away with it. You do what is right as a matter of integrity. Mitch McConnell not allowing the Senate to vote on Merit Garland is a perfect example. That’s Trump. He will do whatever he thinks he can get away with. That’s how he made his money. That is how he is conducting himself while in office.

The moralistic GOP will not oppose him. They will back Trump to the end. Party over country is their modus operandi. Only a Democratic majority in the House and Senate can shut him down. The election of 2016 initiated the battle for America. 2018 could very well decide the outcome of the conflict. It all hinges upon whether or not the lives of enough Trump voters deteriorate. Who wins? Party or country? Or just Trump?

This administration will go down in history as the most corrupt in America. Impeachment can’t come soon enough.

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