O’Reilly Out At Fox News: Goodbye, And Good Riddance

By Jason Taylor

This is an odd time. Who would have thought at the same time that Donald Trump is elected president, both Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly would be shown the door at Fox News.

I wish that I could find more satisfaction in O’Reilly’s firing — it couldn’t have happened to a better guy — but instead I find myself saddened by the realization that his ouster is simply a consequence of the fact that the cost to Fox News to keep O’Reilly finally outweighed the (dollar) value of retaining him. If this is just a cost-benefit analysis, then it simply shows that Fox News was a willing enabler as long as O’Reilly contributed positively to the bottom line.

Bill O’Reilly epitomized white male authoritarian bombast. With his loud, sonorous voice, swagger, and chronically arched eyebrows, he played Pied Piper to millions of navel gazing, angry bullies in search of a suitable role model. His unceasing conflation of personal opinion with actual fact, braggadocio with courage, and conspiracy theory with evidence was despicable.

His wealth and fame does not speak well of the American subculture that elevates such execrable cretins to venerable status in society. That it took 20 years, and several brave women, to out him as a perverted, hypocritical boor shows Fox News for what it truly is: a shameless, greedy, soulless corporation that serves only as a leech upon democracy and American society as a whole.

O’Reilly and supporters will try and spin this as a liberal media vendetta out to get him. The reality is that it was his actions and his actions alone that have resulted in his dismal. Not only were there multiple accusers, but there were multiple accusers who had tape recordings of him making vile, sexually explicit comments about what he wanted to do with them, so this is not he said she said.

Bill and his ilk have brought America and its ideals to ruin. Their version of “news” and “opinion” couched in false facts, lying, anger, and self-righteousness has destroyed the moral fabric of this country, intoxicated a populace with bigoted messages and racist anger; all culminating in the freak show currently residing in the White House.

I look forward to the soon-to-be tweet by Trump conveying his sadness for this development and his best wishes to O’Reilly in his next career move…

Lest we forget: Our dear President Trump. No different than O’Reilly. Here’s hoping Trump is next.

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  1. With these oustings, a pretty lousy picture’s come to mind. For some reason, I’ve got the lines “thou shalt have no other gods before me” and “i am a jealous god” in my head. The prophets have served their purpose, they won’t be promoted within the church, because they may outshine the new god. Only stupidly-blinking sycophants like Carlson can remain because they carry the message without being threats…slobbering on the floor for scraps from the master.

    As much as I despise O’Reilly and his ‘no-spin zone’ b.s, his constant product-plugging and reading of tweets telling how great he is by an adoring public who are hearing what they want to (and then the allegations–about damned time!)…Dump just took his game to a whole new level. I think he learned something from O’Reilly, and now the master’s being retired and the apprentice has the reins.

    I’m glad the blowhard-idiot’s being held accountable for what he’s done (in a sense, he should’ve been thrown out long ago, and not because of friggin’ money), but it feels like a disturbing new chapter’s opening up…I just can’t put my finger on it.

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