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Trump: “We’re Going To North Korea With An Armada” Psyche!

By Jason Taylor

Thank God! We’re saved. I was worried that America wasn’t looking stupid enough this week.

The White House is a fact-free zone, a sanctuary for incompetents. Official pronouncements do matter when dealing with dangerous international situations. Not only does this administration brag, bluster, and threaten, it very often gets it wrong. And when challenged about getting it wrong, the White House spokesman aggressively rejects criticism and blames others, the Department of Defense in this case, as if the DOD is not part of the Trump administration.

If this was an intentional bluff, it is dangerous. Claiming that you have a military instrument in your hand, when you have sent the instrument a thousand miles in the opposite direction, leaves you with what in your hand when your enemy reacts to your bluff? If this was not intentional it is even more dangerous. It tells your opponent that you are disorganized and not prepared for the contest. Much worse.

The fact is: the American government just played chicken with the lives of 25 million citizens of Seoul. No matter how much spin you put on it?—?that is not prudent.

We may never know whether the military misinformed the White House or that the White House misinterpreted what they were told. Given the track record to date, we have to suspect the latter. In that case, the Trump gang there continues to showcase their incompetence, not just about domestic matters but, now, to the World.

What is an opponent to think? Is anything the bunch says to be believed? In this country we already know to treat all of their pronouncements with a grain of salt and to wait 24 hours for the reversal or flip-flop. World affairs and provocations that can lead to deadly destruction won’t wait to see if they really meant what they said or if it was just another middle-of-the-night brain fart by an incompetent President.

I think the White House knew exactly where the Carl Vinson was going, figured out that they had enough leeway (because of the fleet’s general position and direction) to spin a story that would give them a political win for tough and fearless leadership, and told the public that the ships were going toward Korea. They may have even told China and South Korea that the ships weren’t really headed toward Korea.

The silence of Republican Congress members is deafening.

Had President Obama done one of the impulsive, selfish, or ignorant things that Trump has done in the past few months- just one- they would be screaming for his impeachment. Yet, nothing but crickets from Capitol Hill. Such blatant hypocrisy is disgraceful. I see for the Republicans, the GOP means more than the USA.

Donald Trump is a fact free person, making it up as he goes along…I just hope he does not get us all killed in the process.

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2 Comments on Trump: “We’re Going To North Korea With An Armada” Psyche!

  1. This guy is an idiot…..a misdirection has its place but this bluff is moronic… this age of electronics it is an easy fix to find that he is lying….and not even a good lie….chuq

  2. I just had an awful vision of budget cuts for the CIA–and the new recruit training budget resulting in classes like “Hey, what’s that over there? 101” and watching “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and “Star Wars” for tips on how to fake sick or use mind-control get out of interrogations in foreign countries.

    Dump’s so obsessed with calling everything–not personally said by him–“fake” that he believes his own crap…and doesn’t realize we don’t. Ugh…how much longer til the next election, dammit!?

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