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Chaffetz Out Of 2018 Election, McMullin In?

By Bobby M.

While it was admirable of Evan McMullin to try and start a revolution in the GOP, that effort would have been much easier if Hillary Clinton had won the White House instead of the Orange Menace. But since Trump won, a different strategy is needed if McMullin’s real goal is to reshape the party.

If you did not know, one of the main Trump sycophants in congress, Jason Chaffetz, has decided to not run for re-election in Utah for 2018. While he may try and tell people he is readying a run for the governor of the state in 2020, there may be some underlying trouble as part of the cause as well. Everyone knows that his popularity has taken a hit after holding a Town Hall meeting where he proved that he cares more about propping up Trump instead of working for his constituents. But could skeletons in his closet also be part of the reason? For years, Chaffetz main political donor has been Nu Skin Enterprises. Well, it was recently discovered that this company is not only a pyramid scheme, but also has connections to Russia. Not only that, but political pundit Louise Mench has stated that Russia is blackmailing Chaffetz. No telling if the blackmail case and his political backers are connected, but it does make you wonder if that is the real reason Chaffetz will not do anything from his House Intelligence Committee position regarding the Trump and Russia scandal. Since Chaffetz now does not have to worry about re-election, hopefully he will now show some backbone and go after Trump (but don’t hold your breath).

This could be the opening Evan McMullin needs to be more than a 3rd party candidate for president. During his campaign last year, the main traction he got was in his home state. Yes, he did not win, but you would have to think he left a good enough impression to consider a run for this now open seat in the House of Representatives. I attempted to make a case for him to primary against Chaffetz a few months ago, but was told republicans in Utah try not to primary against one another. But with Chaffetz saying he is stepping down, this could be the opportunity McMullin needs to get into a better position to fix his party.

Long story short, good riddance to Jason Chaffetz. When it comes to congress, what we need now are people who will not just be tools for the Trump’s administration. Democrat newcomer Dr. Kathryn Allen was our main hope to make that happen before. Perhaps Evan McMullin could play the same role…and set himself into position to fix a broken GOP.

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