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Why This Life-Long Republican Just Voted Her Ossoff

By Susan Kuebler

Had someone told me prior to 2016 that I would ever vote for a liberal Democrat I would have suggested they seek medical help.  But that was then.  Before Trump conquered the Republican Party.   Before Trump destroyed the Republican Party.

Remember during the Presidential election all those Republican candidates who said if they were elected they would hold Trump in?  Yeah, those guys – the ones who lied.  And I’m looking at you Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell.  Instead of being Trump controllers, they became Trump enablers.

For voters who were Never Trump before the election and those who became disillusioned when he showed his true colors after the election, the Republican field of candidates in the 6th District offers no realistic alternatives to Democrat Jon Ossoff.  For my dear Evan McMullin friends, please note the use of the term “realistic.”  David Abroms poll numbers hover around 2% which offer no hope of his making a runoff.

The Republican frontrunners have carefully distanced themselves from fully embracing the Trump Presidency, although judging from the attack ads on television, opposing Trump is either puts you on the side of the angels or is worse than hanging out with ISIS.   Even Trump himself has not endorsed a particular candidate in the field, just encouraging voters to vote Republican to ensure a runoff.


As Trump’s approval ratings continue to drop, if there is a runoff in June, his support could well be the kiss of death for any Republican contender.  With that thought in mind, the pundits might do well to reconsider that a runoff ensures a Republican victory.

When I voted at my usual polling place this morning, the turnout was light.  This could well be the key to this special election.  Special elections rarely bring out large numbers of voters.  People need to be motivated to make that extra effort.  The anti-Trump voters, both Democrats and Republicans, are motivated.  This voter certainly was.  I no longer trust any Republican candidate to keep their pledges.

Because I voted in the Republican primary last year, the election trackers will report that I voted Republican.  I just have one word for them.



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2 Comments on Why This Life-Long Republican Just Voted Her Ossoff

  1. As a life long Democrat I would suggest you jump on in the water is fine. On a more serious note I recently moved from a blue area in the southeast to a very red area in the northwest. I have been joined in opposing the Trump, McConnell, Ryan agenda by Republicans, Democrats, Independents and others. What we have in common are certain values, beliefs and a love of country. When we all make it through this awful period for our country, we can argue again over the best policies to make for a better country. Those will be arguments based on our own values and beliefs not only political party affiliation. When our goals are comparable then the different paths we pursue does not make us haters.

  2. First of all–Rimshot! Very punny.

    Second of all, I think in the next few years through the mid-term elections, the idea of “my party loyalty” will end up near the bottom of the list when choosing their candidate…and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. I’ve always wondered if you removed the party affiliation and parenthesis from the candidate’s names when voting if half the people would even know who to vote for. I think what they stand for and their track record for public service should be paramount to whether or not they prefer a blue or red color scheme. I am a left-leaning centrist, but if somebody’s really done good work and they’re a libertarian or republican, I don’t care about their party. Will they do their best work and keep to the law and work for the people–I’m all for that. I’ve voted all over the map last election, and haven’t voted straight ticket since my first election. It keeps me on my toes and forces me to be informed before dropping a ballot.

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