Trump, Vacation Bum In Chief

By Bobby M.

Congratulations America, you put a man that does not want to work for you into the White House. Not only does Trump use the most important civil service job in the world as a means to satisfy his ego, but he does not even want to stay in Washington D.C.

In thirteen weeks on the job, Trump has flown down to his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida seven different weekends. That means he has spent 25 days of the 86 in office, in Florida. And just those visits alone have said to cost the country around $25 million dollars. The Secret Service charge to taxpayers regarding his security is set to eclipse the total amount spent to do the same for Obama’s entire eight year term in office before 2017 is completed.

During this time, he has also played 18 rounds of golf…all of which at Trump properties where he has charged the Secret Service $35K in golf cart rentals alone. One would think he would waive the charge for them to follow him around given they are doing so on his property, while trying to protect him. By the way, why is that not considered a direct violation of the emoluments clause? When time on the golf course in taken into account by comparison, Obama and Bush both had not played a single round of golf at this same stage in their presidential term.

Check out this video that documents what Trump used to say about leaving the White House and playing golf both if elected…

Trump travels so much because he really is not doing anything in Washington other than being a mouthpiece for the GOP establishment and their goal to try and erase everything Obama did from existence. This is proven by how many times he himself has talked about just watching cable news and how he skipped out on a ceremony to sign an executive order. So he decides to travel to Florida, or other parts of the country to continue campaigning for himself and his agenda to feed his ego because he is not really accomplishing much else.

He tries to portray himself as fiscally conservative with the Draconian cuts to the EPA, the endowment to the arts, services similar to Meals on Wheels and many other things. But spending so much money on his travel (while tons more is also spent on the rest of his family which was not factored here), is completely hypocritical. And he does it because he does not care about providing service and leadership to the people of this country. He does it to satisfy his ego.

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