Turkey Moves Toward Dictatorship

By Jason Taylor

It seems certain to me that Putin has been doing everything in his power to see the last vestiges of democracy driven from Turkey. Erdogan hopes to have a new best friend and a Russian-style oligarchy will quickly follow. Turkey will remain a part of NATO as long as the other members will tolerate it. This will give Russia access to the otherwise private business of NATO.

What is alarming about this is that it is not hard to picture this happening in the United States. The “right” leader backed by a party that will support him under any circumstances, including helping to conceal possible misbehavior, could make moves like this that would be upheld by a high-level court that is itself a political prize captured by that same party. Throw in some voters who will support this leader even if it means losing their long term freedoms or benefits and voila! Another country that has mixed feelings about democracy gives way.

Europe has already written off Turkey. The relationship between the U.S. and Turkey is hanging by a thread.

Maybe it’s time to cut the cord. Yes, Turkey does have some limited strategic value to the U.S. and also to Russia who is seeking more influence. But, Turkey has to make up its mind. Does it want a secular government or a dictatorial theocratic form of government? Democracy in Turkey is over. Let it be. Let the Turks work out their own problems and let them remain apart from the West. And let Erdogan run the country as he sees fit. Pull of out Turkey politically, economically and militarily. Incirlik is important but not that important. Turkey and Erdogan should not be allowed to blackmail the U.S. with that chip.

Pull out, say thank you and goodbye. Let Turkey determine its own future. If they want to cozy up to Putin let them find their own way. Let them deal with the Kurds, the Syrian refugees, and the Russians. It should be an interesting party. Keep in mind that Turkey can’t even begin to deal with its often denied history of the slaughter of the Armenians during World War I. How can they be expected to become part of the West or even mildly embrace any part of democracy if they can’t face their own mistakes? Let Turkey have Erdogan and his regime.

American voters take note. This is what a democracy looks like when devolves into a dictatorship. If you think demolitionist-in-chief Steve Bannon and his little figurehead Trump aren’t watching and taking notes, you are gravely mistaken.

Every other bad thing that could happen this year happened. Next Marine Le Pen will become President of France, Merkel will lose her Chancellorship to whatever right-wing idiot feels bold enough to challenge her, the EU will tear apart like tissue paper, and Russia will gobble up whatever it can. The confederacy of dunces grows larger by the week.

Eventually, Turkey will become another Venezuela with the difference that Islamic radicals will seize the opportunity and take over the government or another military coup is coming. Either way less tolerance and more persecutions, religious and political.

The mob isn’t Turkish, or German, or French. The mob is humanity’s hunger for nationalist aggression, chest beating. Wave a flag, quote a bible. The mob is the least of us, the ignorant, the envious, and invariably fundamentalists. The mob is American, French, German, Turkish…the mob is everywhere you allow their creeping aggression to bite off more. The mob is a collective of bullies intent on imposing their will on everyone else. Here in America, the mob is Trump’s delusional madness supported by the GOP.

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