Trump Related Skits Recap On SNL From April 15th

We all know that Saturday Night Live is best known for it’s political satire. We also know that the moment Donald Trump became a politician, SNL took this skill to an all-new level…especially when you consider they will try and force some accountability when our mainstream media will not. In case you missed any of their sketches this past weekend, here is a recap of the ones involving the Trump administration.

The show’s cold open involved Alec Baldwin’s signature impersonation of Trump in the White House, trying to act like his first 100 days in office have been a success. The skit also involved showing how a “shy” Jared Kushner has won over Trump’s ear against Steve Bannon, who is portrayed as a grim reaper.

Ever since Melissa McCarthy unveiled her Sean Spicer routine, she has stolen the show, and this past episode was no different. This time she wove together a brilliant tapestry involving “Spicy’s” mistake involving Hitler, his inability to pronounce foreign names, previous latent anti-Semite tones, and Trump’s glossing over North Korea during another trip to Florida all while making fun of the fact that Spicer actually dressed up as the White House Easter Bunny one time.

Colin Jost and Michael Che from SNL’s Weekend Update crew continue the tradition of satirizing the latest political news involving Trump and politics in general.

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