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So Mr. America First Is Going To Start The First Thermonuclear War? Great.

By Jason Taylor

Kim Jung Un and Donald John Trump are both naturally born and bred ignorant, immature, intemperate and incompetent juvenile mercurial macho delinquents by nature and nurture. Sacrificing the blood and treasure of other than their family and friends is what they both do best.

The most amazing thing about this situation is how lightly the media is treating it. The situation with North Korea is about on a par with the Cuban Missile crisis in terms of gravity and potential loss of life. The real difference is that in 1962 only 17 years had elapsed since the U.S. had been involved in a serious war. Now, no one understands how serious the situation is, or they think it is just fun to drop bombs.

The ball is in China’s court. They are the only one that has the leverage to force North Korea to discontinue its nuclear program. They can offer North Korea the same security deal that the US offers South Korea. The US would never invade North Korea, absent its nuclear threat, just as China would never invade South Korea, hence there is no need for North Korea’s nuclear arms. Surely they realize this. Commentators say that China is fearful of a collapse of North Korea if they cut off all aid and trade. I believe that if China threatened to stop all oil and coal, North Korea would quickly fall in line, especially if the threat were sweetened with economic inducements.

In the summer of 1914, a small insignificant nation, Serbia, became the centerpiece of a conflict which destroyed more human lives than any other in history. The flames of that conflagration were fanned by the egos of the world’s great powers at that time. No one wanted to appear weak, and war became the default position.

Donald Trump measures his ego by his perception of winning, and for him winning is all that matters. A new war in Korea will not be a cake walk through Saddam Hussein’s armies of the two Gulf Wars, it will be a bloodbath. There is nothing that will guarantee China’s abstinence from any military provocation by the United States. We are heading into uncharted waters in a leaky boat and our captain is madder than Captain Ahab.

Never in my wildest nightmares have I ever feared the real possibility of a nuclear war. It was completely unthinkable. Equally unthinkable was that a man as unfit, ignorant, and mentally/emotionally compromised as Trump could become president.

North Korea has been preparing for conflict with the United States for decades- both militarily and especially psychologically. Their social fabric and the cult of personality around the Kim family is predicated upon the “American Imperialists” and our supposed designs on invasion.

This bombast that exists within North Korea has so far been hyperbole, as the desire thus far has been containment over direct aggression. However, now that we have an emotionally erratic, impulsive, and deeply ignorant President in Donald Trump, this horrific scenario may take place.

Not only would we be attacking a nuclear power without any legitimate justification, we would be embroiled in a conflict with a hyper-militaristic nation with one of the largest standing armies in the world. Additionally, the collapse of the North Korean government would create an overwhelming humanitarian crisis, as the surrounding areas would suddenly be forced to deal with millions of refugees who have been brainwashed and isolated for decades.

There is no legitimate reason to provoke North Korea. Frankly, this is happening because Donald Trump’s poll numbers are tanking, and he is facing the very real possibility that his collusion with Russia will soon be exposed. He is dumb enough to think he can bomb others to distract us from his conflict of interest and potential collusion. The problem is, he has no understanding of geopolitics and blowback. He is a fool leading us into disaster.

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1 Comment on So Mr. America First Is Going To Start The First Thermonuclear War? Great.

  1. This wouldn’t be a war, it would be a catastrophe, one potentially ending life on Earth. A predictable, and predicted, result of putting a narcissistic psychopath in position of ultimate power.

    The silence and/or acquiescence of our lawmakers and media (and also experts in assorted relevant fields) is criminal.

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