If Trump Is Going To Play President He Needs To Take Responsibility

By Jason Taylor

A U.S.-led air strike mistakenly killed 18 members of a Kurdish and Arab militia backed by Washington south of the Syrian city of Tabqa, the Pentagon said on Thursday. The U.S.-led coalition forces struck the position on Tuesday after another partner in the fight wrongly told them it was occupied by Islamic State militants, the Pentagon said, underlining the complex nature of the conflict. Reuters

More dead in Syria, more dead in Iraq, more dead in Afghanistan, more dead in Yemen, and Palestine. More enemies in Syria, more enemies in Iraq, more enemies in Afghanistan, and more enemies in Yemen and Palestine. And more American taxes paying to achieve what? Peace by War? And the Trump supporters and war hawks in congress are fine with this as long as we’re killing someone over there.

Trump said “America First” but dealing with our problems is way too hard for him.

This is what happens when we don’t have a clear foreign policy objective or military strategy in Syria. You can’t just throw bombs around indiscriminately based on “radioed in requests” and expect everyone to bow down to you. Trump leaving so much operational discretion to the military is called abdication of responsibility. It’s also a transparent way to avoid accountability when things go wrong: “Don’t ask me. Ask the military. It was THEIR decision.” In this administration, the buck just keeps going elsewhere.

The inexcusable thing here is people think that war is something that can be controlled. War is mass confusion with poor communications that quickly spirals out of control. When a country goes to war it must accept that there will be ‘friendly fire’ deaths, there will be atrocities committed by our own troops, lives will be lost due to stupid mistakes and $ Billions wasted.

For every death, there will be 10 or 20 wounded, young men and women will be coming home maimed. There will be untold thousands who come home physiologically wrecked, some will be put back together, many will be ruined for the rest of their lives. Lastly, in the final injustice, the VA will abuse our veterans by making them wait forever to receive help and or deny that they were injured either physically of mentally in a war-related incident. This is why no sane country goes to war unless their very survival is at stake. We, on the other hand, seem to go to war at the drop of a hat.

I’m sure Trump will be all over this. As soon as he returns from Mar-a-Lago.

Nine weeks, $20 million and counting…I wonder where the fiscal conservatives are who were screaming about Obama’s vacations? Trump is on track to spend more in his first year than Obama did in EIGHT. But I digress. “Mistakes” of this kind are just one of the many reasons people don’t want us to be involved in wars of choice. We use weapons of ever-increasing accuracy but in a sloppy, haphazard manner, resulting in the deaths of innocent civilians or our own (or allied) fighters.

This unfortunate killing of our allied forces just underlines the intense problems of doing anything in Syria — in combat or through diplomacy. It is a festering hurricane type of situation. Nothing is clear or precise. So it is no wonder that the best planning can go horribly wrong. This is why the use of military force should at the least be backed by the law such as Congressional approval. Even if Trump did have a coherent policy objective, “mistakes” will happen in Syria because there are too many players on the field. Our forces deserve the full commitment of our government whenever and wherever they are.

If Trump is going to play President instead of playing golf, he needs to take responsibility for this disaster immediately and announce some clear objectives, including seeking Congressional approval if he is going to tinker with war.

People complained, and still do, about Obama being thoughtful and careful and considerate. Well, thoughtful and careful and considerate saves innocent lives. I yearn for thoughtful and careful and considerate leadership these days. Shooting from the hip is not leadership, it is outright foolishness.

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  1. Good post. You know, of course, that pigs will fly before Trump takes responsibility for anything. Narcissistic psychopaths are unfamiliar with the concept.

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