Trump Is Making Unexpected Policy Reversals: Surprise!

By Jason Taylor

As Trump’s platform unwinds and infighting takes over. He campaigned on a platform of anger, hate, and hyperbole. As he quickly approaches 100 days, not only does Trump fail to govern but also he slides into isolation and confusion. His platform explodes into individual shards of shrapnel. Violent inconsistencies. Governance devolving into factions and every-man-for-himself.

The worse it gets, the more Trump surrounds himself with his children. Far from the strong father figure they suggested less than three months ago, he seems to grasp at them. Asking them to make policy decisions. Winding them ever closer.

He travels in a small circle, ignoring the maelstrom building around him. The FBI continues to investigate. He risks opening a two-front war he cannot win. His advisors are in disarray. He fires off executive orders and leaves interpretation to individual departments. Families ripped apart. People beaten on airplanes. Privacy invaded.

He cannot keep small facts straight. The fact he fired cruise missiles into Syria, not Iraq. He makes bizarre decisions, like launching a military strike during dinner and dessert with the Chinese premiere. Commenting on military action flippantly and bombastically.

Donald Trump’s threat to withhold subsidies to health insurers tells us more about him than any other single thing he’s done. It reveals him as both evil and stupid.

Evil because, without the subsidies, God alone knows how many “beautiful babies” right here in America will sicken and die. Stupid because the people who will be hit hardest by his evil action will be those in the rust belt and elsewhere in middle America who voted for him. If Trump thinks his action will force the Democrats to the bargaining table, he’s out of his mind. Any Democrat who even considers it will be committing political suicide.

Mick Mulvaney, added an additional major reversal on his behalf: He said on CNBC on Wednesday that the president’s campaign promise to eliminate the national debt was “hyperbole.”

Donald Trump has a long and undistinguished history of being whomever (he believes that) you want him to be. His only ideology is to win at any cost and to claim he did, if not.

So, yes, for now, Bannon and, likely, Miller will go out the way they came in, kicking and screaming. Next up, Kushner, Ivanka, Cohn, and Powell who will serve to appease those who are pragmatic enough to understand that populism doesn’t equal popularity. In other words, don’t hold your breath for the swamp to be drained.

Successful politicians strike a balance between adhering to principles and acting opportunistically and flexible when conditions change. Those who are rigid, like Herbert Hoover, fail when conditions changed after the crash of October 1929. Those who are opportunistic, like Richard Nixon, breed cynicism, and contempt when they abandon long-held political values.

Donald Trump, who apparently holds no fixed political values, makes Nixon look like a man of principle. His views change so quickly and unpredictably that they conduce to incoherent policies and executive incompetence.

The fact that Bannon was the populist in the Trump administration should tell you something. Bannon’s real skill was in manipulating simple minds, appealing to their selfish and hateful characteristics. In other words, there were never any populists in the Trump court, only the callous users of the weak minded.

Donald Trump is more about Wall St. than Hillary Clinton ever thought of being.

It is amazing how he pilloried her with getting paid for speeches to Wall St., but if you read those speeches they were not anything in there that would lead you to think that she would be independent from them, unlike this Grifter Trump. What a shame this jerk got elected in a sleazy election when Hillary was by far the better choice, and now it’s showing what a mistake we have in Trump, in way over his head and drowning in not only a swamp of his making, it’s more like a cesspool.

And the con is complete. Trump never wanted to help the little guy, the working class, middle America. He lied and cheated his way to the Oval Office and now he is abandoning the very people he promised to help.

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