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Trump’s Romper Room

By Andrew Witzel

There is nothing serious coming out of the White House anymore. A romper room of announcements and policy that is slowly chipping away at the literal base of the United States. Donald Trump is laughing at all of us, laughing at the country, laughing so hard that his sides are starting to hurt and he spit out his morning chocolate milk. His divisive rhetoric has infected everyone around him proven by the statements from Sean Spicer recently about Nazi’s. Interesting how a reference to the Nazi’s was used as a defence to justify Trump’s actions. Hitler did use chemical weapons, everyone knows that, except maybe Spicer who seems to be living in a wonderland of his own.

Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update used the Three Stooges to metaphor the triangle of confusion that is the United States, China, and North Korea. Out of the three, North Korea is the schoolyard nerd, the one picked on by all the bigger countries and has the most to prove but nothing to lose. It’s the “nothing to lose” that makes North Korea the biggest threat since the former U.S.S.R. during the height of the cold war. I’m convinced they have nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them to their announced targets. Propaganda aside, the United States developed and deployed atomic weapons in the 1940’s without computers or the Internet. North Korea is similar to the U.S. in the 1940’s as the technology they do have is most likely useless to them in developing their nuclear weapons. Sanctions have been in place for years, yet despite all the obstacles, they are still making progress.

The lack of foreign policy experience Trump has is showing through like the morning sun on a cloudless day. Not only did Trump tweet the above about his China meeting, he did it on his PERSONAL account instead of the POTUS account. I’m all for modern politicians embracing and using technology and social media to their advantage, but the way Trump uses Twitter implies there is a hidden agenda that appears below board. There are a lot of “firsts” associated with Trump that will or have redefined who can become President; however, his current use of Twitter is a first that does not favor kindly to him now or into the future. The presidency should be polished in its message to the American people, measured in both tone and rhetoric, and not something that can be used as political fodder on Saturday Night Live.

What the hell is happening to our country?

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I'm a middle aged tech geek with a passion for computers, technology, politics and all the bits in the middle between 0 and 1. I am what could be considered a moderate progressive and like to consider all sides of a debate before taking a position.

5 Comments on Trump’s Romper Room

  1. Andrew….good one…..have you noticed how the MSM is nor giving Trump positive reinforcement because of the missile thing? Spicer needs to go…he cannot think on his feet and is useless as the SPOX…..amateurs are running the circus….chuq

    • Amateurs is right! MSM (except for FOX) is “fake news” according to Trump, so what’s in it for them to give positive reinforcement? Nothing.

  2. This is what pathocracy — rule by psychopaths and narcissists — looks like. Generally (as in, elsewhere and/or in the past), the defective characters in question have been a tad smarter than Trump&Co. But every society gets the pathocracts it deserves, and these are, sadly, fitting for America.

    It is horrendous, and it will get worse if he’s not removed from power ASAP (and he won’t be, because the predictable normalization of the profoundly abnormal is proceeding as it always does).

  3. Thanks for sharing!

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