The Boring, Not Sexy, Extremely Important Jobs Report

By Susan Kuebler


During the campaign Donald Trump’s claims of bringing back jobs, the BEST jobs, back to America was one of the key components of his Make America Great Again slogan.  He promised the coal miners who would bring back their coal mining jobs, even though most experts agree that there are more plentiful, less expensive sources of fuel available.

Most of us remember Trump’s highly touted visit to the Carrier plant in Indiana where he claimed (incorrectly) that he, personally, Donald Trump had saved 1,100 jobs that were scheduled to be moved to Mexico.  He had previously tweeted before that “I am the only one who can fix this.  Very sad.  Will not happen under my watch!”

For starters, 300 of the jobs were never in jeopardy.  According to the Bloomberg Report, “The total number of positions saved was closer to 730.  In exchange, the corporation (United Technologies) received tax incentives from the state of Indiana. They went on to report that Union President Chuck Jones told The Washington Post that Trump “lied his ass off.”  As well he might since United Technologie  still planned to send 1,253 jobs to Mexico from other facilities.

Trump also gloried in garnering all the credit for the good jobs reports in January and February of 2017.  With his supporters yelling “Rah, rah, yeah Trump” the rest of thinking people in the country recognized that these numbers were due to the economic policies of President Obama.

On April 7th, the jobs report for the month of March was released.

The total number of new jobs added to the market was 98,000, much, much lower than the 263,000 predicted.

The silence from the White House, and especially Donald Trump, has been deafening.  After taking the credit for Obama’s economic growth, Trump certainly hasn’t embraced his own numbers.

There are factors included in this report that were not necessarily bad.  For example, the unemployment rate remained stable, and there was growth within certain segments of the economy.  But overall, this is certainly not good news for the Trump administration.  In addition, the burst of activity in the stock market has also slowed down in recent weeks.  It will certainly affect the decision of the Federal Reserve on whether or not to increase interest rates.  It remains to be seen if the March numbers were an aberration, or if it truly reflects the new Trumpian economy.

In case you might we wondering why we haven’t heard that much about this report, please note the date that the report was released – April 7th.  The day after Trump decided to send cruise missiles into Syria.

Dry economic data can hardly compete with missile shows or entertaining foreign dignitaries at Mar-A-Lago.  But for the average American family it can come down to a matter of paying your bills or going without.  According to the New York Daily News on April 10th, Trump’s visits to Mar-Al-Lago alone have cost U.S taxpayers more than $20,000,000 since he took office.  Not to mention the millions that we have paid for the security to maintain his wife and son in splendor in New York.

But hey, it’s okay, because he’s President and you’re not.


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