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Sean Spicer: Just Resign Already

By Jason Taylor

I honestly find myself almost tongue-tied at the stupidity this administration continually shows. The lack of intelligence is astounding. And, their lack of ethics is beyond words.

The simpletons who have interpreted Spicer’s words into a hair-splitting view of battlefields, air raids, what the Nazis did, “here’s what Spicer really meant,” and, of course, “Here’s what Spicer meant to say” have missed the point of most of their critics.

The President’s Press Secretary is supposed to be a master of words, innuendo, and possible interpretation. The person in that position is supposed to have a grasp of language that avoids — without exception — the sort of firestorm that has resulted yesterday from Spicer’s incompetence in his job. There’s absolutely no way around what he said and his attempts — one on the scene and one written afterward — indicate not only his inability to speak clearly but his inability to think on the one foot left on the ground while the other is planted firmly in his mouth.

For goodness’s sake, people, he is the spokesman for the United States of America. He is not supposed to make mistakes like this and he must be held accountable for this horrendous situation.

His unprofessional and ignorant statements yesterday present another example of the mediocrity the current administration is attempting to battle in the public mind. How can anyone construct a response to gassing civilians without remembering concentration camps and millions of asphyxiated Jews? Unless, of course, that same spokesman can not remember those gassed by the Nazis while speaking on behalf of the US about The Holocaust.

Are the nitwits in the White House, the morally bankrupt Republicans who dominate Congress and the Supreme Court the best we can choose from 320 million people to govern us? What in the world have we done? Do we realize these few hundred people actually have control over events and policies that will harshly impact our lives, our well-being, our health, and our children?

During 46 years of life, I have never felt so disgusted and helpless in the face of sheer stupidity and cruel greed by a few evil idiots. Every one of you responsible for this state of affairs will suffer for this, somehow; if not soon, sometime in the future. The decisions these people make will come back to bite you in ways you cannot begin to fathom. The rest of us must never let this happen again. Never.

The lies, the stupidities, the alternative facts, the simplifications, the ignorance, the lack of remorse or apologies, the hypocrisies, the brazen misrepresentations, the contempt for a fact, science, history and for people with other opinions. Overall, these suggest Sean Spicer represents his boss rather accurately.

It’s hard to find the words to accurately express how ignorant and offensive this is. You only need to be human to feel this way, not Jewish or any religion for that matter.

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