Incompetence Reigns Supreme In The Trump White House

By Jason Taylor

This writer takes no pleasure in Trump’s grotesque ignorance. I have no schadenfreude toward the people who voted for him. I am outraged and disgusted that millions of people voted for an ignorant con man to be president. I am disgusted that we have a populace who find scholarship and learning suspect while viewing Trump’s ignorant nonsense as credible.

I am sad that we as a nation are so ignorant that millions think that experts in diplomacy and policy are merely government hacks who add no more value than Ivanka Trump. And worst of all, I am terrified by the fact that China, Russia, and many other countries are well aware that we have a fool for president. Their leadership relies on policy experts and careful studying of issues to promulgate a well thought out agenda. Meanwhile, we are at the whim of a madman who has no thoughts deeper than his own vanity and no interest in relying on actual experts for guidance.

I’m trying to develop an appreciation for incompetence, which is difficult because it normally drives me nuts. But the incompetence of both Trump and the Republican Keystone Cops has tempered the malevolence lying within their corroded souls and saved us from some of their worst impulses as the debacle of purported health care reform so amply demonstrated.

We can’t blame Trump for taking the stage after the scene was so carefully set. Incompetent leadership has become the norm.

Even a clown like Paul “policy wonk” Ryan can’t get a laugh like he used to when a bunch of savvy seniors laughed him and his asterisk-laden budget proposal out of the room. That was a real knee-slapper. A health-care voucher lottery. Boy, it still makes me chuckle.

A supporting cast is essential if you’re going to turn government into a joke. Fortunately, we have Rick Perry as Secretary of What Was It Again? Oh yeah, Energy. And Ben Carson as Secretary of — oh, who cares. It cracks me up just thinking about it.

One aspect of the American government over the decades that has earned respect around the world is competence. We do not have official governmental training universities as do the French, although the Ivies and Stanford, and a few others, make good substitutes, but the main source of competence derives from multiple layers of hard-working, diligent people who take the job of government with deadly seriousness. Now, we have slipped into a different zone where ignorance is a starting requirement.

Steven Bannon, a frighteningly serious man, has spent years as a movie producer, for heaven’s sake, and as a propagandist for the far right. Shouldn’t there be a learning period between such assignments and the actual operation of the levers of power? Well, no. Kelly Ann demonstrates the futility of that old notion. Oh, heck, let Kushner do it. He can do anything.

It’s the synergy between the incompetent White House and an incompetent Congress that really concerns me.

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