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Trump Related Skits Recap On SNL From April 8th

We all know that Saturday Night Live is best known for it’s political satire. We also know that the moment Donald Trump became a politician, SNL took this skill to an all-new level…especially when you consider they will try and force some accountability when our mainstream media will not. In case you missed any of their sketches this past weekend, here is a recap of the ones involving the Trump administration.


The highlight of this past Saturday Night Live involved Alec Baldwin playing both Bill O’Reilly and Donald Trump. The faux interview made fun of faux news in how it attacked both O’Reilly’s sexual harassment multi-million dollar settlements with a multitude of women, while showing how ironic it was for Trump to be the one to announce sexual harassment awareness month. By the way, days after that speech by Trump, he was defending the Fox News star.

On the cold open for SNL this past weekend, the show took on how Trump supporters blindly follow their leader even though he is planning to make their lives worse.

Colin Jost and Michael Che did their usual excellent job taking on the latest news for the week in their SNL sketch, ‘Weekend Update.”

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