O’Reilly And Trump: A Toxic Sundae

By Jason Taylor

People have a right to be racist, to be sexist, to be ignorant, to be mean-spirited and ungenerous — none of these is illegal or unconstitutional. My objection is the elevation of these attitudes to “honesty,” as if they contained a shred of goodness in their honesty.

Anyone who is racist or sexist or ignorant or mean-spirited or ungenerous ought to be ashamed of himself. And our political leaders, our clergy, our teachers, and our public figures should help him feel ashamed of himself by leading with or preaching or teaching or modeling better values.

My objection to Trump is that he enables racism, sexism, ignorance, mean-spiritedness and ungenerous behaviors and values, and gives permission to others to do the same and to feel good about themselves because they are now being honest about how they feel. Please do not be honest about being a racist or a sexist — please instead be polite and civil and silent, and at least give lip service to the idea that we are all fellow human beings. Don’t you racists and sexists dare feel good about yourselves because you are now loudly boasting about how honestly you hate nonwhites and women and the LGBT community and the disabled and non-Christians. You don’t deserve “honesty points” for honestly admitting deplorable attitudes.

Trump’s approval of Bill O’Reilly tells me about his own values. But, more importantly, it tells me about the values espoused by those who voted for him and the 35% that apparently continue to support him. Many pundits have suggested that we should be understanding of those who voted for Trump. Does not his endorsement of O’Reilly give them any pause or regret? Apparently not. And, if so, why should we continue to assume that his supporters are not sexists, misogynists, or racists?

A schizophrenic media provided Trump with air cover by vacillating between glib fascination with a billionaire media celebrity and the pleasant shock of sky-high ratings and giddy awe at stratospheric ad revenue.

Usually, accusations of sexual predation and abuse of power would mean that someone like Bill O’Reilly would never work again. But not these days. If O’Reilly gets canned, he could run for president, and sail to victory on a rising tide of resentment. Utter inexperience is no impediment. Neither is smugness, hyper-partisan rhetoric, reality denial or failing to make sense. O’Reilly doesn’t appear to have much groping experience, but there’s still time before the next election.

So much for our future. But the present is worse. The president is a loose cannon with poor impulse control who’s just discovered where they keep the missiles. Not that Assad didn’t have it coming, but this is an ominous development. The liar-in-chief was hurting people plenty with no more than a pen and a twitter account. Empowering a Congress hell bent on destroying health care was even worse. But military hardware and a narcissistic personality disorder can’t be a good combination.

His fans think he tells it like it is, but in reality, he just tells them what they want to hear. It’s OK not to think. You can blurt out any fool thing that comes into your head. Truth and understanding are overrated, and I mean bigly.

Liberal college kids get flack for demanding trigger warnings and needing safe spaces where they can hug a bunny. When they’re stressed, conservatives prefer to hug a grenade with the pin out. You’d think there would be a middle ground, but you can’t get there from here.

Today one sees Republicans not as leaders but as bagmen serving the individual needs and desires of invisible handlers who do not want the light of day shining on them. Governing a nation? A sentimental notion drummed up on election day.

Question; why are there so many more Democratic millionaires in government than Republican?

Answer; Because Republican millionaires don’t run for office. They hire someone to do it for them. Same as laundry.

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