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Thoughts On Military Conflict

By Andrew Witzel

I woke up this morning at 4:30 am, got a cup of coffee and while letting it cool down a little decided to read some of the news from the night. Well, it’s dominated with one subject and that is of the U.S. airstrike on a Syrian airport alleged to have launched the chemical weapons earlier in the week. I felt nauseated all of a sudden and didn’t finish my coffee. My mind was dark and brooding while I took my morning shower; a time I usually use to setup my day and get prepared. I kept reflecting back on all the news I’ve caught up on since I woke up and started to question the reality around me that I now know was all a lie perpetrated by mainstream media.

All this manufactured conflict started with 9/11. We got jarred into the 21st century as Americans with the reality that we’re actually not untouchable from all the hate in this world. Congress passed the broad and vague AUMF (Authorization to Use Military Force) that targeted terrorism and terrorists in the world; in other words a “blank check” for military actions in whatever country happened to have terrorist organizations inside their borders. Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Libya….the list goes on. The arrogance the poster child country of the free world has to think that we’re immune to the consequences of continuous war for 16 years (and counting).

Donald Trump has ascended as another mouthpiece of the aggressive and military minded oligarchy that has continued to amass large amounts of taxpayer money at the expense of the common American and honestly, the rest of the world. What America does truly ripples to the rest of the world; aggressive posturing breeds aggressive retaliation. The wave of escalation is infinite as to the lengths to which it can grow and expand.

Mainstream media is carefully crafting the story for the American people, leaving out vital details that, in the past, would have enraged and caused an outcry of opposition. That opposition has all but disappeared, we’re content in our “make money, buy stuff, get credit, by more stuff, become enslaved to debt.” Our government elite, operating in the shadows, has effectively watered down the message so much that we’ve become addicted to the complacency of it all.

On the day following yet another escalation of military action in yet another country in the Middle East, what we’re seeing reported in the American news pales in comparison to what is being reported in global news. Our watered down and brainwashed masses are reading social media to get the story of the day; which is the United States launching missiles and destroying a Syrian base suspected of perpetrating the attack on Syrian civilians with chemical weapons.

What we’re not seeing is that it’s unknown still if Assad was behind the attack. It’s unknown if the Syrian leaders claim of a rebel cache of chemical weapons was destroyed and accidentally released the chemical gas. It’s unknown what Russia’s or Iran’s response to the attack will be leaving everyone involved to posture, flex their muscles and thump their chests.

If you’re a smart, intelligent individual, you’ll seek sources outside the United States to get the raw facts before deciding what your position will be. My use of mainstream media at this point is to guide me in a general direction to focus my own search for the facts of the story, often finding that critical details are commonly left out of the stories published in the United States. I’m not controlled by the shadow elite anymore, and have become their worst nightmare. I think it’s about time we start waking up, don’t you?

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