Trump’s Lapdog Devin Nunes Steps Down

By Jason Taylor

It took Devin Nunes far longer than I expected to recuse himself from the Russian probe. He blamed it on “far left wing activist groups” as opposed to explaining how he got the job in the first place without any military or Intel experience. It appears his only qualification was being on Trump’s transition team. Then there was the small matter of his nighttime visit to the White House for classified information. It’s possible that Bannon lost his coveted NSC position over that debacle.

The “left-wing activist groups” that initiated the ethics inquiry are Democracy 21 and Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. The stated goal of both groups is “to reduce the influence of powerful interests seeking to distort the system with money so that government can more effectively work in the interest of the people.” How dare they.

The first thing this committee needs to do when it begins its work again is to subpoena Mr. Nunes to find out what he was told, by whom, and with whom he shared the information. And if this was the first time.

There is no excuse for Mr. Nunes’s behavior. Mr. Nunes was supposed to be conducting an impartial bi –partisan investigation. Instead, he chose to run to the President and share privileged classified information rather than to share the information with the ethics committee. This is someone who needs to be investigated, reprimanded and possibly relieved of all his duties.

His allegiance to the truth is now and will always be in question and rightfully so. His actions will always be subject to questions and criticism…..yet he has no shame. It is hard to fathom that Mr. Nunes and the GOP would sacrifice the truth, security, safety, reputation and integrity of the country to protect Trump and his administration which have blatantly abused the power of the oval office.

We are supposed to live in a Democracy where the elected officials have sworn to serve the people and country. Whatever happened to that promise and to the morals and dedication to serve that helped to make this country reach its pinnacle of success? It’s appalling to see the chaotic/disturbing behavior shown by the Trump and GOP; the lies, callousness, insensitivity to the people and malicious acts of behavior. The GOP is imploding and they don’t even have a clue it’s happening.

Nunes was clearly more interested in being Donald Trump’s lapdog instead of a watchdog. And he was hopelessly inept in both roles. Gowdy won’t be much better. Having wasted millions of taxpayers’ money investigating Hillary Clinton — with nothing to show for it — he will now devote himself to investigating “leaks” rather than investigating Trump and his minions.

The spinning and denials of a White House Caper largely responsible for McMaster’s decision to toss Steve Bannon seem to know no bounds. Nunes’ pathetic excuse he had to “save” the reputation of Donald Trump from a baseless accusation Trump himself tossed out as a diversion, simply defied credulity.

The person investigating leaks instead of collusion got caught leaking. Karma is a wonderful thing.

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