Can The Bannon Presidency Really Be Over?

By Jason Taylor

Make no mistake, Lt. Gen H.R. McMaster made this move to have Bannon removed from his National Security Council Post. Perhaps seeing his daughter get married this weekend made him think about the future of our country and what we will leave for our children and grandchildren. Trump needs to surround himself with more sensible people like General McMaster.

This is another “who’s on first” by this overwhelmed and inexperienced administration. Gen. McMaster may have won a small victory but it means little: from his lips to his president’s ears to Stephen Bannon’s ears. The only change here is that Bannon won’t be present at NSC meetings. What’s amazing to me is how this administration keeps shooting itself in the foot. But equally amazing is how many people were willing to accept some like Bannon in such a sensitive position.

Susan Rice most likely “unmasked” Bannon in the surveillance documents from Trump tower. That is why Trump is mad at Rice, but also demoting Bannon before things get worse. This web is getting VERY sticky for Trump.

At first glance, Bannon’s removal from the NSC is a good thing — traditionally, presidential advisors have never had a place at that table. But, he still retains his high-security clearance. With his goal of “dismantling the U.S. government as we know it” (paraphrase), I find it hard to believe he will not still want to pursue that agenda, and his security clearance can provide him information in this pursuit. Plus, he still has Trump’s ear, and the ability to manipulate him.

I very much doubt he was put on the NSC to “watch Mr. Flynn”, as the entire campaign, and white house staffers, knew of Flynn’s dealings with Russia. I believe Bannon wanted in to assert more control. While I appreciate the new configuration of the NSC, I continue to be suspicious of the Trump Administration.

Whether the words came from his advisors or were his own, Trump is still the same racist, sexist, violence-inciting, lacking knowledge of government guy. The Congress supports his vision of next to zero health care for those who cannot afford health insurance, wants to reduce taxes for everyone, most especially the wealthy, at the expense of the environment, education, the arts, healthcare.

Jared and Ivanka may “seem” more civil — less beast-like — but that does not mean they do not support the goals of the Administration. And Bannon still lurks in the background, influencing as he will.

I doubt the Nationalist base will hear about Bannon’s fall from favor. Bannon has more to lose from acknowledging that Trump has tired of him than Trump does. Trump’s base is impervious to facts. Bannon was relatively reclusive, letting his publication be the public star. If Bannon wanted to start putting doubts into peoples’ heads about Trump, Breitbart could try to amplify these doubts, but where else are the Nationalists to go, if not Trumpism?

No, Bannon’s a drunk loser who has wasted his life on “4th Generation” hippie bashing, when it wasn’t the hippies causing his problems in the first place. Now he can rant at his TV and drink himself to death as God intended.

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