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Chaos Rules Inside The Trump White House

By Jason Taylor

We are in full banana republic mode: family control of the government, the fusion of public and private interest, neglect of potential corruption, use of public funds for private gain. Now, these people who have no knowledge, no experience, no sense are going to make the government in their own image. They want to introduce into government business practices. The trouble is that they don’t come from serious, traditional business communities but from the corrupt construction-political world where all sorts of manipulations form the basis of their dealings.

This all goes part and parcel with the dismantling of the administrative state. Ignoring the ethics commission and its rules is the same thing as getting rid of the ethics commission. Score another win for president Bannon.

Piece by piece, the Trump crew is wrecking our government. Look at the budget Bannon drew up. By cutting these non-defense programs so severely, he renders them useless. Bannon knows it would be very difficult to eliminate these various agencies, so he wants to cut them to where they cannot function. Chaulk up another win for our non-elected dear leader. The swamp talk was all garbage. There may have been some credibility to it two years ago, but after Bannon grabbed hold of Trump’s puppet strings, he skillfully used this platform as a gateway to implement his anti-government policies.

Why do I blame Bannon for all of these swampy creatures slithering around and not Trump? Quite simply, because Trump is far too stupid to come up with this stuff. Bannon is a chess player, a strategist with a long term agenda. Trump is just a stooge that seeks constant adulation and praise from all.

If I learned nothing else from what I was taught in grade school civics, it was that in our system of checks and balances, the legislative and judiciary branches of government are invested with the powers to defy and overcome the executive branch if it is bent on corrupt practices. In a White House so completely outside the norms of presidential ethics, powers that the Congress and the Judiciary have never been called upon to employ must be asserted. The alternative is a slow and painful death by poison of our democratic establishment so courageously born and valiantly defended for so long against so many enemies. It’s urgent for the doctors of constitutional law and government to find the antidote.

According to Trump if people were that concerned about financial disclosures then why is he President? In other words, if you win you have a green light to do almost anything. So imagine four years of Trump skirting or totally disregarding ethics laws while his family and billionaire cohorts rake it in. To the victor go the spoils. It is really as simple as that in Trump World.

Winning the Presidency is the biggest killing Trump has made in his career. As he said before what type of businessman does not exploit the tax code for all its worth, now that the American public has turned over the keys to Trump, he would be a sucker if he did not use full leverage to bottom line it for himself all the way to the finish line. When his tax reform package arrives, he will do away with the inheritance tax that will salt away billions for all the little Trumps in the distant future. One word for all the blue collar people that voted for him. Suckers.

These people are supposed to be super businessmen and managers? Trump couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag.

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  1. Trump is acting like a Middle East potentate keeping his family business with state stuff……a great post well done….chuq

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